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LOOK: Pinays All Over The Country Are Embracing Their Hair Through This Movement

It’s #MyHairMySay from north to south.
January 24, 2020
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We consider our hairstyles as forms of self-expression. Although what we do with our hair is strictly our business, some people still feel compelled to dole out ~nega vibes~ by criticizing our personal preferences. These kinds of remarks make it difficult for us to express ourselves the way we want to.  

This led Dove to launch its #MyHairMySay campaign last year, inspiring women to face their critics and fully embrace their hair. This year, Dove comes out with a new film that takes the campaign all over the country, quite literally, as they feature Filipinas from different regions to talk about their own #MyHairMySay stories. Watch this:

Dove gathered women from all walks of life—mothers, business owners, artists—from different regions in the Philippines to show that many women share the experience of being criticized for the littlest things such as choosing a hairstyle. But just as these women stand up to criticisms, #MyHairMySay reminds us to embrace our roots and freely express our unique personalities.

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