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If You Want Soft And Shiny Locks, You Need To Start Using These 3 Nourishing Hair Oils

Here’s how to add them to your hair care routine.
April 27, 2021
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If you’re still not using hair oils as part of your hair care routine, you could be missing out on the many benefits that these products offer. Often made from organic ingredients, hair oils aren’t just for coarse and unruly hair; they’re also for everyone who wants to get gorgeous locks! 

Not sure where to start? We suggest giving these three nourishing oils a try:

Argan Oil

FYI, the same argan oil that you use on your face can also work wonders for your tresses! That’s because argan oil contains unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that help hydrate hair strands and protect both the scalp and hair follicles from damage. The result? Locks that feel extra strong.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil comes from the pressed seeds and fruits of the Chilean Rosa canina bush. Like argan oil, this beauty ingredient has fatty acids and antioxidants, as well as other nourishing elements like vitamins A and E. When used as a hair mask, it aids in soothing your scalp and boosting your locks’ shine and smoothness.

Marula Oil

This nourishing oil is ideal for those dealing with dry and brittle strands. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, marula oil can help nourish your tresses and tame flyaways without weighing your hair down.

Ready to add these nourishing oils to your hair care regimen? There’s no need to buy all three separately when you switch to the new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn conditioner. This reinvented hair care essential is now infused with Tri-Oleo Complex, a fusion of three nourishing oils, which are—you guessed it!—argan, rosehip, and marula. 

Check out the different variants you can choose from, based on your hair concern:

Standout Straight

If you want silky, straight hair that just flows down your back, this product can help tame and smoothen frizz that stands in your way, with regular use. 

Hair Fall Defense

Dealing with weak and brittle hair? Use this product daily—it will aid in reducing hair fall! 

Damage Control

This variant is for you if you love styling and coloring your hair. When used regularly, this will help repair and protect your strands from the damage that dyes and hot styling tools might pose.

Dry Rescue

If you’ve tried just about everything to keep your locks hydrated, try using this moisturizing conditioner daily. Its Moisture Lock Complex will help make your tresses look and feel ~reborn~!

Long and Luscious

Want long flowing hair? This new variant is formulated to nourish and pamper long locks with regular use.

Experience the benefits of Tri-Oleo Complex when you add the new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn conditioner to your hair care mix! Shop it at leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide, or get it online. Follow Cream Silk on Facebook and Instagram for more info. #RebornToBeGreater

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