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7 Poses For Showing Off Your New Hair On Instagram

You'll love to ~awra~ for the camera every day.
January 29, 2019
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New year, new hair. Whether you had your tresses cut, colored, styled differently, or all of the above, you’d obviously want to immortalize that moment with a photo and flaunt your new ‘do on Instagram. That means having to *awra* for the camera. Not sure how? Take notes from influencers who slayed their poses at VitaKeratin’s #ArawArawinAngAwra event at Alice Tea Salon last January 15. Try one of them for every day of the week!

1. Show both the front and back of your hair.

This is a brilliant and creative way to show off your hair, since most hair selfies don’t show the back of your head. Just like what Joy Ganzon did for this picture, simply pose in front of your vanity and ask a friend to coach you on which angle to turn to show both sides of your hair.

2. Lie down!

It’s unusual but eye-catching—and has mermaid vibes for sure. Sienna Gacayan even added props around her hair for a more stunning look.

3. Tilt your head to the side and smile with your chin up.

This brightens up your face and elongates your neck, showcasing the side layers of your hair. Eunice Halili evokes casual, easy, and good vibes all the way.

4. Take the pic from a lower angle.

This isn’t the usual way to go for a hair photo, but letting your hair naturally fall as you lean or bend forward will show off its texture and character. For added impact, you can swing your hair to the opposite side for a wind-blown effect or simply tuck it behind your ear like Christelle May Concepcion.

5. Look away.

Nazrene Gutierrez makes this look effortless and natural by smiling while reaching for only a few strands of hair with relaxed fingers.

6. Be with a friend.

If you and your friend have different hairstyles, you’ll further highlight the standout qualities of each ‘do by taking a pic together. Beebeelace and DJ Bea play their hair’s textures and colors off each other.

7. Take a full-body shot.

A tight headshot may be the logical choice for a hair pic, but a full-body shot can be clever too, as seen on Camille. By placing your hand on your cheek or under your chin and angling your head, you show that having great hair and confidence adds extra awra points to your overall look.

If you want to awra this year to show off your new hair, make sure your ‘do is on point by using the New VitaKeratin Expert Salon Treatment (P6 per sachet). This hair treatment, which has two variants, has vitamins and keratin—perfect para #ArawArawinAngAwra. Deep Repair is formulated with argan oil and vitamin E, while Ultra Rich Shine is rich in rose oil and vitamin B5.

Now available on Shopee. For more information on VitaKeratin, follow their Facebook page.


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