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If You Want Soft And Bouncy Hair, You Need To Quit These Quarantine Habits ASAP

Never skip conditioners, Cosmo girls!
June 08, 2021
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Staying this long at home has definitely changed the way we go about our days—and for some of us, this includes being less mindful about our self-care routines. Why bother when no one’s going to see us in the following weeks or months, amirite

That said, skipping our go-to regimens have likely led most Pinays to certain quarantine habits that, while seemingly harmless at first glance, could lead to major beauty issues. If you’ve been feeling like your hair has been looking dull and damaged for months now, these practices could be to blame:

Putting your hair up in a bun or ponytail all the time.

We completely understand! Since there’s basically no need to style our hair at home—and given the intense tropical heat—the easiest way to manage our locks is to wear it up in a bun or keep it in a ponytail. 

But here’s the thing: Always wearing tight hairstyles can weaken the grip of our strands to our follicles, leading to hair fall or breakage. Yikes! To prevent this from happening, the best option is to stick to loose braids if we can’t always let our hair down. 

Ditching the brush.

While it might feel tempting to do it often at home, skipping hair brushing is a big no-no, Cosmo girls! This leads to oil build up, tangles, and frizz that can cause your locks to look damaged in the long run. If you want to keep your strands bouncy, make sure to always brush your hair—and do it properly.

Ignoring the need for trims.

If you can’t remember the last time you got a trim, that’s a clear sign for you to get it done ASAP. Regardless of how well you’ve been taking care of your hair at home, it will eventually develop split ends that could lead to further breakage. While you might not feel comfortable dropping by the salon at the moment, you can always DIY it for now. The key to pulling if off: Use scissors designed specifically to cut hair, and not just any pair lying around. 

Skipping conditioners.

We won’t blame you if you’ve gotten too tamad to stick to a multi-step hair care routine. But if there’s one hair care product you should never ditch along with your shampoo, it has got to be the conditioner. This essential is designed to help protect your hair cuticles against possible damage, tame unruly strands, and keep your locks moisturized. 

Here’s a tip: If you want a hassle-free two-step hair care routine at home, pair your shampoo with a nourishing conditioner that can help address your hair issues. Try the new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn range—it now has Tri-Oleo Complex that uses argan, marula, and rosehip oils to keep your hair soft and bouncy with regular use!

Here are the variants you can choose from, based on your hair type and concern:

Even better: These conditioners come in XL pump bottles, enough to have you stocked up for months!

Shop the new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn range at leading supermarkets, department stores, and drug stores nationwide, or online via Shopee or Lazada. For more info, follow Cream Silk on Facebook and Instagram. #RebornToBeGreater

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