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Read This Before You Get A Hair Cut

Think of these as your salon commandments.
July 16, 2015
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So you found the perfect hair peg for your face shape and you’re finally ready for a new, summer-ready ’do! But guess what? There are a few more things that you need to prepare to ensure that you leave the salon looking—and feeling—gorgeous.

Salon Commandment #1: Dress for the occasion.

You don’t realize it while you’re sitting in the salon chair, but your stylist is also assessing everything from your face shape to your neck length. To get a precision cut that works with your body’s proportions, ditch the hoodies or collared tops and wear a sleek top instead. Bonus: Since you’re already wearing a fasyon outfit, you’ll totally be ready to surprise everyone with a #selfie of your new cut, afterwards!

Salon Commandment #2: Make reservations.

Picture this: You finally have the guts to cut your hair, but when you get to the salon, the receptionist turns you down because they’re too busy or your regular stylist isn’t in. Sucks, right? Avoid this beauty mishap by booking an appointment ahead of time and making sure to schedule regular visits while you’re at it. This way, your hairstylist can get to know you, and become familiar with your tresses’ texture and style.

Salon Commandment #3: Clear your schedule.

We know you’re a busy girl—and that’s exactly why your salon day needs to be a special one. After you’ve made your appointment, try not to set any meetings or deadlines on that day. This way, you can relax and help your stylist understand the kind of look you’re going for without getting distracted by work texts or emails. 

Salon Commandment #4: Be honest about your lifestyle.

Give your stylist the lowdown about your morning and date night routine, so he or she can gauge how much time you can really devote to your strands. Don’t be dyahe to ask for something that’s a little more low maint—especially if you don’t have the time to blowdry or style your hair in the morning.

Salon Commandment #5: Bring your own shampoo.

The ugly truth: Some salons use generic sudsers that just dry out your strands. Not good. Before your visit, make sure you pack a multi-tasking shampoo that moisturizes your strands and refreshes your scalp in one quick go. Our pick: Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Anti-Dandruff Shampoo—it’s the best way to get the best of both worlds for your hair (it softens and smoothens strands) and scalp (it deep cleanses to banish oily residue and flakes).

Too busy at work to do a beauty run? Shop at Zalora and get your Head & Shoulders fix in just a few clicks! They can deliver it straight to your office, so you can easily bring it with you to the salon.

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