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5 Retro Hairstyles We're In Love With Right Now

Change up your look with the cutest vintage ‘dos.
August 29, 2019
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It’s easy to forget that hairstyles—and not just fashion—from decades ago also make a comeback. After all, we tend to shy away from hairdos that seem dated or “old school.” But in reality, hairstyles also have their modernized versions. You’ll be surprised that many of today’s hair trends were the hottest ‘dos back then. Below, our fave vintage looks:

1. Curtain bangs

K-pop stars may have introduced you to curtain bangs, but the look made its appearance in the ‘60s. French actress Briggite Bardot had a chic, effortless look with her thick fringe parted in the middle, and is shorter in front and longer at the temples.

Today, curtain bangs are usually wispy and seen with straight, shiny hair. But Briggite’s version—with full and tousled locks—remains sophisticated.

2. Pixie cut

Pixie cuts will always make any woman look extra confident. Popularized in the ‘50s by Audrey Hepburn, the glam cut finds its edge in sharp layers, shaved sides, or bleached strands. For a more feminine feel, consider a deep side-parted pixie with bangs.

3. Bows

Thanks to Madonna, the ‘80s saw huge hair accessories with arguably bigger hair. Bows don’t have to look loud or childish, though. Keep to the fun, carefree vibe with a low ponytail secured with a small and thin ribbon. Plus points if you have a velvet bow—it retains the ‘80s flair and looks elegant.

4. Micro bangs

Micro bangs might still allude to Bettie Page’s pin-up photos, but they became much more sophisticated thanks to Audrey Hepburn, who sported the look with a curled pixie and a high updo. Full baby bangs are bold and edgy. For a softer look, opt for layered or wispy short bangs—or, like, Audrey, sweep the fringe to the side.

5. Bob cut

The bob was a hit in the Roaring Twenties. Flappers styled it with slick finger waves and a feathery headpiece to look glam. Recently, the straight bob became the go-to cut of fashion girls—it looks cool, so it adds edge and personality to any outfit.

You can also try a voluminous wavy bob—it’s laid-back, classy, and sexy at the same. If you prefer it straight, go for a slightly asymmetrical cut. BTW, the bob is best paired with bangs.

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