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4 Ways To Show Off Your Shoulder-Length Hair

A barrette can totally change up your look.
August 27, 2019
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If you have medium-length or shoulder-length hair, but you’ve been wearing it in only two or three ways, you’re missing out on several opportunities show off your look. It's a common hair and safe hair length, but safe doesn't have to mean boring. Below, Pinay influencer Lou Sanchez shows you all the cool ways to play with your shoulder-length hair:

1. Don a headband.

Headbands aren’t just for school girls, they’re for working girls, too! Go for a classic Alice band or try using a scarf to tame your hair while looking clean and polished. If you’re feeling playful, take cues from Lou and sport one with Mickey Mouse ears.

2. Clip on a barrette.

If you’re wearing a dainty or feminine OOTD, keep your hair down and add some polish with a barrette. Don’t just settle for just one clip, too—wear two of the same style, or mix things up with mismatched designs.

3. Keep your shoulders bare.

Another way to show off your shoulder-length hair is by wearing a tank top or an off-shoulder blouse. This will accentuate your hair length and show it off in its natural state—minus the distraction of layered clothing.

4. Twirl it in your fingers.

Want to show off your hair on your feed? Instead of trying out and elaborate 'do, simply play with your hair as you pose. You won't really have to do anything new to your hair, but it's still a cute way to show off the length.

It’s easy to style shoulder-length hair. Whether you prefer a look that's plain and simple or fun and edgy, protect it from breakage and hair fall with a good conditioner so you won’t have to worry about hair damage. Try Cream Silk’s Hair Fall Defense Conditioner infused with Break-Shield Complex to help strengthen weak and brittle hair from root to tip. When you don't have to worry about hair fall and breakage, you won't be afraid to switch up your style and flaunt your mid-length 'do.

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