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7 Styling Tricks To Bring Your Curls Back To Life

Keep them defined and frizz-free.
August 27, 2019
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The curly girl method has gained a lot of traction lately, and more women are embracing their natural hair. But with great coif comes great responsibility—you’ll need to do your research and style your hair more patiently to get healthy-looking ringlets. Below, styling tips to tame and maintain defined, frizz-free curls.

1. Take a break from heat styling.

Frequently styling your hair with a blow dryer or curling iron can fry your strands, making them look dull and dry. Instead of defining your curls with a heat tool, set your hair with curlers and leave them on overnight. This no-heat method will give you bouncy curls sans damage.

2. Don’t use shampoo every day.

Curls need a lot of moisture to keep them looking fresh and bouncy, but using shampoo every day can strip your hair and leave it looking frizzy. Use shampoo twice a week or every other day, and apply conditioner every day to give your hair the hydration it needs.

3. Trim the damage away.

Split ends should be taken care of ASAP—the damage can travel up the strand and ruin the whole follicle. Get a trim every couple of months to get rid of damaged ends. TIP: Have your stylist use scissors to cut your hair instead of a razor—this will ensure that your hair won’t thin out and you’ll be able to keep the full shape of your curls.

4. If you must blowdry, use a diffuser.

Some blow dryers come with a diffuser attachment (ICYDK, it looks like a giant showerhead). Attach it to your blow dryer the next time you decide to dry your hair—it can help maintain the natural shape and form of your curls without making them look frizzy.

5. Detangle your curls with a wide-tooth comb.

A hairbrush can stretch out your wavy strands, potentially causing breakage when you try to detangle your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb instead so you don't disrupt the natural pattern of your tresses. Start by combing from the ends to detangle each knot individually.

6. Sleep in a top knot.

Keeping your hair in a bun overnight can protect your curl pattern and keep your hair voluminous. You can also switch out your cotton pillowcase for a satin one so that your hair doesn't lose moisture from your natural oils.

7. Try pro-curly girl styling products.

Avoid products like gels or pomades, which can weigh down and flatten out your curls. Instead, try lightweight, curl-defining serums or hair lotions like the Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion. It’s made with almond milk and lanolin oil to help moisturize and define your natural texture.

For more information on Monea Curl Defining Milk Lotion, visit the Jotoco Group website.

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