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4 Mistakes That Can Cause Your Hair To Feel Thinner

Don't you dare tie your hair when it's still wet.
June 19, 2019
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It's normal to shed a hundred strands a day. If you think your hair feels thinner than usual or you're seeing more strands at your shower drain, check your hair habits first before you panic about your health. Below, the habits that could be making your hair look and feel thinner.

1. Tying your hair.

Having tight buns, braids, and ponytails every day or tying your hair while it's still wet can cause traction alopecia, the thinning of your hairline due to the tight tug from your hairstyle. Consider tying your hair less frequently. If you must, pull your hair back gently, and make sure the strands feel loose between your scalp and the hair tie. You could also pin it back with a trendy barrette.

2. Teasing your hair.

Backcombing your hair can add a lot of volume to it, but the friction from pushing your hair against its direction of growth can make hair cuticles chip and break. If you’re desperate for some volume, part your hair in the opposite side or use dry shampoo or mousse sparingly to achieve the texture you want.

3. Heat styling your hair.

Setting your blow-dryer to the highest temp can make your hair cuticles extremely dry and brittle, and ironing or curling your hair with hot tools can cause your hair cuticles to fray, blister, and break—leading to breakage, split ends, and hair fall. To avoid this, squeeze out the water from your hair first, then let your hair air-dry until damp. Set your blow-dryer’s heat to low and keep it six inches away from your hair. Before you style with your curling wand or flat iron, spritz on a heat protectant first. It replenishes moisture, keeps your hair from getting fried, and even enhances shine.

4. Chemically treating your hair.

Coloring, relaxing, and perming your hair exposes your roots to harsh chemicals, causing damage to your hair follicles which can lead to hair loss. Make sure to get nourishing treatments in between sessions and wait at least eight weeks before your next color touch-up—this gives your hair time to breathe and repair itself to handle the next round of chemicals.

Break these bad habits and jump-start your way to beautifully smooth hair by using products that help hair grow strong, like Dove’s Nourishing Secrets Hair Boost Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner. This combo is formulated with coneflower extract and white tea to help keep your hair naturally stronger as it grows.

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