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The Many Times Shampoo Has Saved Your Day

Because we just can’t deal with stinky, greasy, unkempt hair
December 21, 2015
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When you’re left with zero energy to look extra polished, skipping the daily hair washing routine feels okay. But have you ever been in those super random situations where you think you deserved a pat in the back for actually spending a few more minutes in the shower to wash your hair? Maybe you could relate to these moments:

1. When you see your ex in public.

“Is that Mark?” Before you do your squint-and-panic combo in the middle of a huge mall crowd, take a deep breath and walk towards him with a big smile on your face. Ask him how he is and introduce yourself to the new girl he’s with because, girl, your brand new confidence is worth bragging about. If your breakup was THAT bad, at least you know you’ll smell amazing when you walk past him with a confident stride and fresh, bouncy hair.

2. When your officemate offers to put your hair in a cute braid.

There’s always that one office friend who’s willing to put on lipstick on you or do your eyebrows for free, just because. So when an office event crops up and you come unprepared, you can count on this person to give you an instant makeover with a crown braid or a Katniss Everdeen-inspired ‘do. Good thing you shampooed early that morning because greasy hair and an itchy scalp won’t help you keep that braid ’til the end of the event!

3. When you’re wearing the perfect LBD.

Nothing makes wearing little black dresses sexier than having gorgeous hair. And while second day hair is great for a sexy ‘do like a sleek high ponytail or slicked-back hair, you might just run the risk of showing off visible dandruff on your shoulders. Shampooing with an effective anti-dandruff shampoo will help make sure you can get the healthy scalp you’ll need to pull off that OOTD.

4. When you’re in the salon and your hairstylist starts touching your hair and your scalp.

Professional hairstylists know that the best way to determine one's perfect cut and ‘do is to touch and feel one’s scalp and hair. But what if you have dandruff and tangles?! Eww. Before your hairstylist shoos you towards the shampoo area, make sure you come prepared by washing your hair beforehand. This way, you can save time for both you and your stylist, plus, you can guarantee awesome results after your sesh. Good thing you used Head and Shoulders to make sure your scalp and hair are smooth, itch-free, and dandruff-free!

Speaking of that favorite stylist of yours, we thought the best way to demonstrate this point is to challenge our fave Cosmo Girls (and Hunk) to style each other’s hair! We asked Michelle and Samantha to create their own versions of glam hairstyles for Hye Won and Kirst. The twist: they only get to use limited tools and no hair pegs, whatsoever. Watch the video below to find out how they fared!

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