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The Hairstyle You Need To Get Back At Your Ex

Go big or go home.
January 21, 2016
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It’s tough being a girl, especially when stepping out of the house means you are exposed to the perils of bumping into your ex with his hot new BAE, presenting to a new client (who happens to be your ex-boss who wasn’t exactly fond of you), or just simply wanting to look #LikeABoss, even when you’re at the peak of a major life crisis.

We found THE hairstyle you need to look put-together and fabulous, no matter what you’re going through in life. It's not something you'll wear every day, but it's perfect for special occasions where you're not afraid to be the center of attention. Get ready to rule the world while looking like a queen by following these three steps:

1. Get your gear.

Prepare a rat-tail comb (to tease your hair), hairspray, and some long hair clips. Make sure you prep your hair with a trusty shampoo and conditioner to prevent styling damage. Use a combo from ever-reliable brands like Head & Shoulders for flake- and damage-free hair that's smooth and silky no matter how you fix your tresses!

2. Get it going.

Part your hair into four sections horizontally. For each section, create a top and bottom layer. Tease the bottom layer to achieve volume and cover it with the top layer. Do this for the remaining sections.

3. Get it good.

Remember, bigger is better. Make sure to work on each section to get that much-needed volume. Don’t forget to keep the look polished and to make sure that the hairstyle holds throughout the day by applying light hairspray.

Impossible to achieve the peg, you say? Watch this video, and see how these Cosmo models fared when they went head-to head with professional hairstylists to achieve this look!

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