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There’s Now Such A Thing As 'Glass Hair' And Here's How You Can Get It

The hair trend perfectly complements your 'glass skin,' but it can be hard to achieve.
December 07, 2018
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After the rise of the ‘glass skin’ beauty trend comes a complementary look focused on your crowning glory—‘glass hair.’ It’s hair that’s styled to be as smooth and as glossy as possible, and when paired with a crisp cut, results in an ultra-sleek and mirror-like shine, much like a piece of glass. The best part is that it’s super easy to achieve—after you eliminate a few hair woes, that is. Here’s how:

1. If your hair has split ends

While this type of hair damage can go unnoticed with beach waves, split ends are a no-no where glass hair is concerned. Split ends are damaged strands of hair that fray at the ends of the shaft, and they can make hair look course and lackluster. They're usually caused by excessive blow drying, exposure to the sun, improper detangling, and any other activity that sucks the moisture from the strands. They also look painfully obvious against super straight hair, so glass hair will be hard to achieve with split ends. To get rid of split ends and make sure they don't come back, go for a trim every three months.

2. If you’re stuck with flyaways

Have you ever ran a brush through your hair only for the strands to stand and stick out? Dry, dehydrated hair produces more friction and static electricity, causing super annoying flyaways. Glass hair is characterized by being smooth and flat, so it's just not going to happen if your hair sticks out in all directions. The solution is simple: Improve your hair’s water retention. If you’re getting ready at home and spot some flyaways, run an ice cube over them as a quick fix—the cold water helps your hair retain moisture better. 

3. If your locks look dull

A key characteristic of glass hair is its undeniable shine. And the first thing you should know about shiny hair is that it’s a result of hydrated hair. This is pretty much the opposite of dull, brittle hair. It's usually caused by underlying problems that affect the way your hair retains moisture, like malnutrition. You can transform dull tresses caused by lack of nutrients, over-bleaching, or dehydration through different ways. Eat a lot of protein-rich foods (like eggs and fish) and fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants (like berries and spinach); give your hair time to breathe (aka, rest from too much styling and dying); and use heat protectant when styling. 

4. If your hair is frizzy

Aside from being an annoying hair problem, frizz will definitely stop you from achieving the ‘glass hair’ trend. Frizz occurs when the cuticle layer of each strand is raised, making it more difficult for the hair to retain moisture, causing it to stick out. The tight curls and uncontrollable tufts pretty much personify the opposite of glass hair. Tame out-of-control strands from the roots by using a conditioner that can soften and straighten hair, resulting in frizz-free locks, like Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle Silky Smooth Care Conditioner. It’s formulated with pro-V nutrient blends that are meant to give you intense hydration with every wash. It can help smoothen three months’ worth of damage in just three minutes, help protect hair from humidity to bring out its natural shine, and keep hair soft by locking moisture into each strand. Did we mention it’s also this year’s best conditioner for dry and damaged hair at the Cosmo Beauty Awards?

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