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This Will Inspire You To Have Fun With Your Hair

Feel free to experiment with this secret to hair damage!
March 07, 2017
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Switching up your look is as easy as curling, ironing, or coloring your hair, but we understand if you're a little hesitant to go beyond your comfort zone by bleaching your hair or dyeing it a crazy color like trendy shades of silver. Anything that involves heat styling or chemicals, after all, can be damaging to your locks.

However, Dove's new video just might change your mind. 

It's encouraging women everywhere to be more adventurous with their hair by showing them just how easy it is to try different looks. Think drastic haircuts, gorgeous curls, and bleached hair. Every day is a chance to experimentno catch! 

You, too, can play around with your hair as much and as often as you want, without waiting for damage to start because Dove Intense Repair Shampoo STOPS* damage before it starts. As long as your hair is protected, you can keep on trying new things.

Learn more about hair damage prevention when you visit Dove's Facebook page! #DoveFirstPlayLater

*damage refers to roughness and dryness. with regular system use.


ASC Reference No. U08P030117D

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