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Trust Us, You *Need* This New Keratin + Serum Shampoo To Help You Deal With Frizzy Hair

It uses keratin tri-silk serum to help keep your hair silky and smooth!
September 15, 2021
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First of all, frizzy hair is normal, especially when you have to deal with this tropical country's very humid weather. But if you’re reading this now, chances are you’re looking for a way to trade your flyaways for silky, smooth strands. And hey, it’s your hair and you should always have the final say on what you do with your locks.

But before we discuss how to deal with frizzy hair, it’s important to understand what causes it. ICYDK, frizz happens when the cuticles of dry and damaged strands rise, allowing moisture in and causing it to swell. Worse, other habits like rinsing your hair with warm water or neglecting to brush it can also contribute to the damage.

To help tame your locks, choosing the right products is an absolute must. For one, you need a good shampoo that can help keep your hair silky and manageable, like the new Dove shampoo range with Keratin Tri-Silk Serum. Here are some of the reasons you need to have it in your hair care routine, especially if you’re dealing with unruly strands:

1. It combines the power of three potent hair care ingredients.

The new Dove shampoo range is infused with Keratin Tri-Silk Serum, which combines the power of three hair care ingredients: keratin, keratin repair actives, and serum capsules.

Keratin, a natural protein found in our locks, helps fight frizz and damage, leaving you with smooth and shiny hair with regular use. Meanwhile, keratin repair actives penetrate deep into the core of the hair fiber and help nourish each strand from within, aiding in preventing future damage. Lastly, the new shampoo range also uses serum capsules to coat damaged parts of your locks and help boost their shine.

2. It comes in four variants for different hair care needs.

These shampoos come in four variants to help address specific hair concerns. For one, the Straight & Silky variant uses amino acids to help nourish each strand from the core, leaving you with straight, smooth, and shiny tresses when applied daily. This is ideal if you're dealing with frizzy strands.

Intense Repair is formulated with repair actives to aid in fighting and preventing hair damage with regular use—ideal for girls who love styling and dyeing their locks.

For women who deal with hair fall, the Hairfall Rescue variant has a DynaZinc complex of hydrolyzed yeast protein and zinc that, when used daily, helps nourish the roots and make your hair feel strong and resilient to damage, thus fighting hair fall.

And for those who want bouncy and glossy tresses, Nourishing Oil Care uses coconut oil and argan oil to help moisturize dry hair with regular use.

3. It’s easy to add to your hair care routine!

Washing your hair is an important step of any hair care routine, and reaping the benefits of this new range is as easy as switching shampoos. The best part is that you can easily shop these products at the nearest grocery or department store during your next errand, or online if you’d rather stay at home. These are available in 12-mL sachets, bottles of 170 mL or 340 mL, or even XL bottles of 650 mL or 900 mL.

For amazing results, you can also use the shampoo with Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioners. Make that a daily habit and you’re well on your way to getting the soft, smooth, and bouncy hair of your dreams!

Shop the new Dove shampoo with Keratin Tri-Silk Serum here and add it to your daily regimen! Follow Dove on Facebook to learn more.

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