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Unilever's New Campaign Celebrates The Woke Pinay

Because what beauty means to Pinays has changed in recent years.
March 19, 2019
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There's been a big change in our society, especially because of developments in technology and communications, and the emergence of important and new issues and trends. With social media, we've also become more knowledgeable, which in turn affects our needs and perspectives as we continue to grow.

The big change? What beauty now means to us Pinays. It's not just about the looks anymore, but our overall wellbeing, which includes how mindful we are of the planet. So today, products that cater to us and our ethics are more important than ever.

Unilever, a 90-year-old beauty and personal care company in the country, for one, is committed to providing solutions that will address every Pinay's ever-evolving needs. Overseeing brands like Cream Silk, Pond’s, Closeup, Dove, Sunsilk, and Rexona, the company has led the way in creating products and experiences that seek to help us feel good and get more out of life.

“At the heart of everything we do as a company is the Filipino, the very people we serve,” says Dorothy Dee-Ching, Unilever Philippines’ Vice President for Personal Care. “Every product and campaign we develop stems from an insight—a desire that's been expressed, and espouses our thrust of Beauty That Cares.”

Brands with Purpose

The "Beauty That Cares" philosophy is grounded on this purpose: to care for the people, the society, and the planet.

“Each brand under the Unilever Beauty and Personal Care category has its own thrust, acting as a compass for its campaigns and innovations,” adds Dee-Ching. “It’s not just about what products we put out, but also why we develop them at all. We want Filipinos to feel that they are being cared for by the brands they love.”

Holistic care is not skin-deep. Through its brands and products, Unilever Philippines is committed to making people feel not only beautiful but also empowered. Dove, regarded for championing beauty in all women for over 60 years, has created the Self-Esteem Project to reach out to girls and help turn their insecurities into a source of confidence.

The company also aims to contribute to the betterment of society by inspiring us to do good. With Closeup, a brand that gives people the confidence to become closer, and its #FreetoLove campaign, love, diversity, and inclusivity in all relationships are celebrated.

Lastly, in order to create a positive impact on the planet, Unilever strengthens its commitment to sustainability with its first-ever refilling center. To be introduced in three Ayala Malls this summer, the All Things Hair Refillery station offers a new way of getting our favorite shampoo and conditioner without the additional packaging waste.

Fit for the Times and the Future

Through in-depth research, trendspotting and testing, the company ensures that its products and campaigns are sustainable, ready to help us with whatever new challenges we may face in the years to come.

As we're becoming more open to trying new trends in beauty—from hairstyles and colors to multi-step skincare regimens, Unilever's been keeping up to be consistent. Pond’s makes beauty accessible to every Pinay through innovations like the White Beauty Tone Up Cream, Mineral Clay Collection, and Age Miracle Serum Masks.

To empower the modern Pinay who loves to color her hair, Cream Silk has released the Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive, which aims to keep her hair ultimately vibrant.

A brand used by professionals, TRESemme has styling products that make it easier for us to recreate the latest hair trends.

Because they know the importance of being eco-friendly and want to stay woke, Dove and Sunsilk have launched their respective naturals lines. Meanwhile, Love Beauty and Planet is perfect for those who are looking for a brand that doesn't compromise on haircare and body care.

These are just examples of the purpose of each brand in the Unilever Beauty and Personal Care Category. With its full line of mindful and sustainable products, the company lives out its thrust of beauty that cares for Filipinos.

Unilever Philippines’ Beauty and Personal Care Category is home to beloved brands like Cream Silk, Sunsilk, Dove, Pond’s, Axe, Closeup, Rexona, and more. For more information on #BeautyThatCares, visit

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