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Everything You Need To Do When Washing Your Hair, According To This Top Hairstylist

Get rid of dirt and avoid product build-up with these tips.
April 08, 2020
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While you may have a 10-step skincare routine to take care of your face, you might not be so diligent with your hair. But it's important to give your tresses just as much TLC even when you're doing something as simple as washing it in the shower. At the launch of Cream Silk's Triple Keratin Rescue line, celebrity hairstylist Lourd Ramos shared tips on how to care for your hair properly—both inside and outside the shower.

Shampoo every day.

"It's a myth that you [should only] shampoo every other day," explained Lourd. "We need to shower every day because of the free radicals...especially women who are working. The sweat, the pollution, the things that we eat, and everything, so basically, you need to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your scalp and hair at the same time."

"Avoid hot water when taking a shower."

Sure, hot water may feel good after a long day, but it's a no-no for the skin on your head. "Because the thing that happens is you burn the scalp," he emphasized. ICYDK, your scalp also needs to have the right pH level to stay healthy, so you need to consider how you cleanse it. "When you burn the scalp, it becomes unbalanced. [It's] pH level...should be 5.5, but it becomes 4, 1, or 0. Then it becomes allergic, then it becomes sensitive, then you lose a lot of oil, then suddenly, your hair falls... If it's possible, [go] luke-warm, [then] finish with cool water."

Don't soak your hair in conditioner for too long...

Unless of course, it says on the packaging that it's a leave-in product. "You have to rinse it properly with cooler water...because when you rinse the conditioner with hot water, then you basically take out the nutrients that you put in."

You should also check the kind of conditioner you're getting. "There are two kinds of conditioner: one is for [the] scalp, one is basically for the hair. [If it's for the hair] you have to start lathering the conditioner from the shaft going downwards. If it's a conditioner intentionally for the scalp, then you have to start the application of the conditioner from the scalp."

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Make sure to get enough keratin.

Hair is basically made of a protein called keratin, an important factor in hair growth and strengthening. "It actually reconstructs, puts moistures, and gives back the moisture that is needed by the scalp and the hair." Treat your tresses to a keratin-rich mask during weekends and make sure to incorporate vegetables that contain this protein in your diet, such as cauliflower and broccoli

Go for overall wellness.

Of course, you shouldn't only nourish your hair and scalp on the outside. You also need to do right by your body from the inside if you want to keep your tresses lush. As Lourd said, "Eat healthy... and exercise. When you sweat with proper exercise, it produces, estrogen and androgen for the scalp and the hair. You [should also] take a lot of vitamin C instead of vitamin E, because vitamin C neutralizes your skin and your hair."

Learn more by visiting Cream Silk's website,  All Things Hair, and


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