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WATCH: Nadine, Coleen, Julie, Yassi, and Rachelle Star In A Serenade For The Modern Filipina

Featuring Nadine Lustre, Yassi Pressman, and more beautiful women!
March 08, 2016
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Today is OUR DAY, ladies! This International Women’s Day, let's share the love with our fellow women for being the wonderful beings that we are!

In honor of this momentous event, Cream Silk has launched Transformations, a campaign that heralds the triumphs of Modern Filipinas from all walks of life. Leading the pack are the some of the country’s most beautiful personalities—Nadine Lustre, Yassi Pressman, Coleen Garcia, Rachelle Ann Go, and Julie Anne San Jose—all strong, successful individuals who have carved their paths in their own fields, and have experienced journeys that transformed them to the women they are now.

To celebrate the achievements of these Modern Filipina Ambassadors, as well as those of every woman on this planet, Cream Silk enlisted OPM icon (and very swoon-able) Rico Blanco to pen a new version of his track “Balisong”. In it, Rico sweetly serenades these Modern Filipinas, and shines a spotlight on their inspiring achievements and stories.

This International Women's Day, Cream Silk's Modern Filipina Ambassadors demonstrate beauty, poise, and intelligence, while also being an inspiration to many others for never settling and always reaching for greater heights. We've seen Nadine Lustre transform from a teleserye star into a full-blown national icon; Yassi Pressman, on the other hand, has metamorphosed into a talented young lead actress; Coleen Garcia has broken out of the mold and reinvented herself and her career; Julie Anne San Jose continues to shine bright as a multi-talented star; and Rachelle Ann Go is now a bonafide international sensation.

Let's honor these modern Filipina Ambassadors, as well as every single woman on earth, and sing with Rico Blanco, as we celebrate the numerous achievements of modern filipinas with the Song "Everything I wanted (Balisong)." Watch the video below!

For more information on #CreamSilkTransformations and how to transform your hair to beyond beautiful, click here.

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