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We’re Obsessed With This New Hair Trend

In this case, bigger is better.
May 16, 2016
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The next time you go to the salon, skip your usual hot oil treatment because flat, limp locks are out. Now, it’s all about gorgeous, voluminous hair that will allow you to do hair flips all day. No kidding—we can’t get enough of it!

With more volume, your hair—whether long or short—can always look on point. No more pulling it all back into a bun as a last resort or hiding under a hat when you have a bad hair day. Another thing to love? You can take a break from using your hair iron!

Achieving bombshell status is easy for women with already great hair, but if you have thin locks, you can give your strands extra texture and volume by asking for layers when you hit the salon. Layers add volume and frame your face beautifully. You can also try flipping your part to change up your look!

Of course, using the right product also helps. Our recommendation: Dove Oxygen & Nourishment shampoo and conditioner. It’s specially designed for women with dry and flat hair. It also has Oxyfusion Technology that gently cleanses and nourishes your mane, giving it up to 95 percent more volume with system use vs fine flat hair. Use it regularly to get fuller hair that’s full of life.

To find out more about how to revive limp hair
, check out Dove at their Facebook page

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