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We Swear, These Products Are All You Need To Help You Achieve Your Hair Goals At Home

It's time to experiment with your tresses!
July 23, 2021
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At this point, it’s non-negotiable to take care of your hair on your own. After all, freely going to the salon for ~professional~ treatments is not as possible as before. If you’re not sure how to do it, though, we’re here to help out! Below, we bring you an ultimate guide to protecting your hair, dealing with hair concerns, dyeing it at home, and styling it—which includes the products you need and some tips to go with them!

Since you can't head to the salon to get your fave treatments done, make sure to use hardworking products that will protect and treat your tresses at home!

Gugo Liquid Shampoo

Dealing with dandruff? This shampoo will help soothe your dry scalp, so if you feel itchy or suffer from hair loss and flakes, you need to try this! (P250/250ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Conditioner Ultimate Straight

For hard-to-manage locks, go for this Cream Silk conditioner, which offers three keratin benefits in a single product. It helps tame unruly strands, bring back moisture, and repair damaged locks! (P270/340ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Dove 1-Minute Serum Keratin Repair Shampoo

Don’t settle for dull hair—use this shampoo to help you get shiny locks! It’s packed with serum capsules, including those made out of coconut, almond, argan, sunflower seed oils, and vitamin E. (P311/300ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Dove 1-Minute Serum Keratin Repair Conditioner

Get the most out of your hair care routine by pairing this Dove conditioner together with the Dove shampoo! (P258/300ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Hairfix Keratin Straight Spray

If you’re experimenting with your ‘do, use this hairspray from Hairfix to keep strands in place. It also provides some nourishment through its infusion of keratin and argan oil! (P69/50ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Whether you’re a newbie or an almost-pro at dyeing your hair on your own, turn to the products when trying a new hue!

Beautylabo Whip Olive Green

Want to start exploring other colors outside of the usual brown and blonde? Beautylabo’s olive green dye is light but enough to make your tresses pop! (P399, The SM Store, Watsons)

Kolours Solenn Dusky Blonde

This one’s part of the lineup in Solenn Heussaff’s collab with Kolours. Go for this one to finally live out your blonde dreams—but still without being too out there! (P329, The SM Store, Watsons)

Liese Creamy Bubble Marshmallow Brown

Opt for this color option if you want to achieve milk tea hair! This leans towards the lighter shade of brown with a natural tinge of bronze to it. (P449, The SM Store, Watsons)

Excellence Fashion Beige Light Brown 7.1 Hair Color

Want to keep things low-key for a bit? This soft brown might be what you’re looking for. Plus, it has a protective serum and conditioner to help your locks recuperate! (P449, The SM Store, Watsons)

Garnier Color Naturals 7.3 Golden Brown Hair Color

Here’s another fairly low-maintenance brown shade to try, this time from Garnier! It comes in a sachet of three—great for when you need to retouch your roots! (P327, The SM Store, Watsons)

Revlon Colorsilk Medium Brown 41

With an infusion of keratin, this dye would not only give your locks a pop of color, but would also help soften and smoothen them. (P395, The SM Store, Watsons)

Hairfix Natural Permanent Pro Hair Coloring Cream Ash Brown

Though ash brown, this inclines more on the brown spectrum, which makes for another option if you’re limiting yourself to low-key colors for now. (B1T1 P219, The SM Store, Watsons)

Pro-tip: Address your hair concerns ASAP so you don’t experience a ~harder~ time dealing with them later on!

Selsun Blue Pro-X Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Use this regularly to help manage dandruff! Its infusion of selenium sulfide does the job, while the menthol in it helps soothe itching and the honey helps keep hair soft and smooth. (P345/120ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner

Pair your shampoo with this Cream Silk conditioner to prevent hair fall! It boasts of its keratin properties that help strengthen hair, as well as aid in keeping it healthy and manageable. (P159/170ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Smooth, Straight Treatment

Is your hair starting to frustrate you with how dull and dry it is? Try this shampoo that’s packed with botanical oils like argan, quinoa, and baobab, which are great in bringing back moisture! (P399/450ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Regroe Topical Solution 5%

Avoid thinning hair as much as possible by making this product a part of your regular hair care routine! It’s specifically made to help stimulate hair growth. You can use it after shampoo or on dry hair by applying it after dampening your roots using a soaked cotton ball. (P2,250/120ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Dermazole Plus Zing Shampoo

Whether you’re dealing with dandruff or eczema and discoloration on the scalp, consider using this shampoo infused with antifungal ingredients and aloe vera. You can use it as a once-a-week treatment or as an everyday shampoo. (P275/100ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Kwell Shampoo Reformulated

Not sharing things that you use on your head—from combs to accessories—is one way to prevent lice from cozying up on your scalp. If it’s too late, though, try using this shampoo from Kwell. It’s made with the lice-killing ingredient permethrin. (P249/60ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Really, you don’t need any fancy tools to pull off nice hairstyles; you just need the right tools to get on with it!

Lolane Freestyle Styling Mousse

In place of a regular hair spray, try this hair mousse particularly if you’re going for either loose curls or beach waves! This will give your hair more volume and moisture on top of keeping the style on for a long time. (P169/130ml, The SM Store, Watsons)

Gatsby Styling Wax Mat, Hard

FYI, a hard gel-like this comes in handy for girls, too, especially if you’re gunning for a matted look! Use a small amount for beach waves or messy bun, among others. (P116, The SM Store, Watsons)

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler

Too impatient to manually curl your hair? Check out this Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler! You simply feed one strand in it and it will do the rest of curling for you. This one in particular creates medium-sized curls. (P3,999, The SM Store, Watsons)

W Elite Pro Volume 1200w Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Hot, Cool Shot Styler

This styling tool comes with different nozzles—one for blowdrying, then two types of brushes for straightening hair. Instead of flat, straight hair, using its brushes would give you fuller, straight tresses instead. If you have bangs, this comes in handy too for styling it in various ways! (P3,499, The SM Store, Watsons)

You can shop any of these products at Watsons or at The SM Store! If you’re shopping from The SM Store, there are many ways for you to do so: You can drop by at any of their physical stores nationwide (make sure to use your SM Advantage Card too to earn points while you’re at it), or you can shop online via their website, Facebook messenger, or Viber.

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