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What Is Tri-Oleo Complex And Why Should You Add It To Your Hair Care Routine ASAP?

ICYMI, this well-loved conditioner is now infused with this revolutionary formula.
April 04, 2021
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Pinays who like keeping tabs on all things beauty and hair care have likely heard of Tri-Oleo Complex at this point. This is after the announcement that hair care brand Cream Silk has now infused their conditioners with this new wonder formula. 

But what exactly is Tri-Oleo Complex for, why is it getting all this hype, and why do you *need* to add it to your hair care routine? We have all the answers to your questions, Cosmo girls! Read on:

What is Tri-Oleo Complex?

As we go about our everyday lives, our hair regularly gets exposed to stressors that can lead to all sorts of damage. This is why our locks begin to look dry and lifeless over time without proper care and nourishment. 

This is where Tri-Oleo Complex steps in! Simply put, this formula is a blend of three lightweight nourishing oils: argan oil, rosehip oil, and marula oil. Together, they nourish weak areas of the hair fiber and help keep strands feeling smooth, strong, and full of life. 

Why these three oils?

Over the years, argan oil has become a popular beauty ingredient because of its hydrating properties. As a hair care ingredient, argan oil aids in locking in moisture, making each strand feel extra strong.

Meanwhile, rosehip oil has earned a reputation for being a great beauty ingredient due to it containing antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and other nourishing elements. In hair care terms though, this oil helps boost shine and smoothness when applied to your locks.

Lastly, marula oil assists in nourishing strands from root to tip. Because of its moisturizing properties, it’s an ideal inclusion in your hair care routine, especially if you’re dealing with dry and brittle locks.

Bottomline: These oils used together will give your hair the nourishment it needs to feel healthy and strong with regular use.

Can it help me address specific hair concerns?

Tri-Oleo Complex is formulated to provide much-needed care and nourishment to every hair type. But if your tresses require special treatment, you’d be pleased to know that Cream Silk offers this ingredient’s benefits in different formulas, all of which can help you address particular hair issues. Check out these variants:

  • Standout Straight. Ideal for those who want silky, straight strands, this product helps tame and smoothen frizz.
  • Hair Fall Defense. Go for this variant if you have weak and brittle hair; when used daily, it will aid in reducing hair fall.
  • Damage Control. If you love styling your hair, add this product to your hair care kit. It will help repair and protect your locks from the damage that dyeing and heat styling might pose.
  • Dry Rescue. Try this variant if your hair is in need of serious moisturization. It has Moisture Lock Complex that will help keep your hair looking full of life!
  • Long and Luscious. If you want to grow out your tresses, try this new variant—it’s formulated to help you score long and luscious chops. When used regularly, it can even help boost each strand’s nourishment from root to tips.

Add the Tri-Oleo Complex to your hair care routine and see the results for yourselves, Cosmo girls! Shop the Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn range with Tri-Oleo Complex at leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide, or get it online. Follow Cream Silk on Facebook and Instagram for more info. #RebornToBeGreater

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