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You Have To Read This Shampoo Ad's Message About Insecurities

It really is time we become more sensitive to other people's issues.
August 10, 2018
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Every person has his or her own struggle. That’s Selsun Blue’s message in their latest commercial, which asks us to be sensitive and to actively reach out to people who are dealing with things that may seem simple to us. After all, something trivial to you can be crippling to someone else—and vice versa.

In the video, the narrator flashes back to a time he was shying away from human interaction because he was insecure about his dandruff—never mind that his peers treated him well and wanted to be around him.

We then see that people aren’t marginalizing the narrator. But they are indifferent to what he’s going through and why he behaves the way he does. That’s why the video urges us to be more keen on other people’s cries for help: We can guide them through their issues, even when they express their worries by becoming silent, or are too afraid to open up lest they be judged.

The narrator, who has learned to manage his dandruff problem and insecurity, now looks confident and friendly. More importantly, he’s mindful of other people and what they could be going through, allowing him to do what he can to help them.

Start being a solution to others, no matter how small their problems may seem to you. Share Selsun Blue confidence. Visit Selsun Blue's Facebook page and website for details on how one percent selenium sulfide helps with effective dandruff control.

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