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Hairstyle Ideas for Girls Who Love to Travel

Based on your OOTD!
September 27, 2019
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When you're traveling for the 'gram, every detail counts. We usually focus on curating fashionable clothes that are easy to pack. But the one detail we forget is our hairstyle. These girls have prepped their hair with a lightweight conditioner that is said to withstand dryness, humidity, and pollution, a.k.a. the hassles we often have to deal with as we go to different places.

Just like makeup, having a fresh 'do makes a big difference, especially when it complements your OOTD. Here are some tried-and-tested looks:

1. Braided Half Updo + Halter Top and Plain Skirt

If your shoulders are your best asset, make them stand out with a long bob and halter top combo. Add a little twist like a braided half-updo for a more feminine touch. You'll make heads turn when you enter an IG-worthy restaurant or a cool speakeasy bar.

2. Long, Straight Hair + Silk Dress

When you're wearing something with sheen, it's best to match it with a hairstyle that's straightforward and simple. You won't have to worry about looking overdressed (and upstaging the bride!) when going out of town for a friend's wedding. Straightening hair may cause dryness, so, before styling, it's best to condition it with a product that can intensely hydrate your hair while keeping it unbelievably light.

3. Beach Waves + Asymmetrical Top and Printed Trousers

Here's a beach outfit equation: Use a swimsuit as a top and match it with printed, high-waisted trousers. The asymmetric neckline helps accentuate the hair. Want effortless waves? Just braid your hair and leave it on for a few hours. Then, untie and run your fingers through your tresses to show off those curls! No need to worry about the humid condition as your hair remains fresh when you pose for an OOTD photo.

4. Loose Curls + Co-Ords

Power-dressing can be travel-friendly. Wear a blazer and pair it with shorts (instead of the usual pants) so you can dress down a bit. To keep things classy without looking too formal as you explore a new city, try wearing your hair with voluminous curls. Sure, you'll be encountering smog in some places but that shouldn't affect the scent of your hair. Your lightweight conditioner should retain its signature floral scent as you go along.

5. Middle-Part Hair + Jumpsuit

Parting your hair in the middle lets your features stand out. You'll want an outfit that won't overpower, so put on that jumpsuit. You don't have to overthink about pairing a clothing piece like this. It's perfect for when you're running out of last-minute looks to an alfresco date with your man.

If you want hair that's easy to style during your travels, use Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Conditioner. This light, creamy water-based conditioner is non-greasy and easy to rinse. It helps hydrate hair deeply for a fresh and bouncy feel throughout the day.

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