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How These Hardworking Pinays Keep Their Skin Glowing

Don't let the stress get to you!
October 01, 2019
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When you’re a twenty-something go-getter who hustles for that work-life balance, stress can sometimes get to you. There’s no need to reiterate the negative effects stress can have on your appearance (not to mention on your health!), but what’s a girl to do when the going gets tough?

Here’s the lowdown on how these three Pinays combat the effects of stress and lack of sleep while still staying on top of their responsibilities. Keep reading!

1. Erika Kristensen

As a radio jock and events host, Erika is a girl who is constantly on the go. As she goes from the station to various events around Manila, she relies on Instant products that help her achieve a fresh glow without compromising on quality ingredients, either. Her must-haves? Instant’s All in One Perfect CC Cream and Miracle Glow Body Cream, a brightening duo that helps fight discoloration and evens out skin tone.

2. Kally Araneta

Everyone knows a content creator never sleeps. With countless events to attend and content to produce, almost every moment of the day is an opportunity to work. That’s why Kally arms herself with a CC cream that helps her look her best on- and off-cam. Here’s how she achieves Korean glass skin: After your morning skincare routine, apply Instant All in One CC Cream all over your face. (Tip: Instant CC cream applies white but absorbs quickly into the skin once you blend it with your hands. It also acts as a moisturizer, helps even out your skin tone, and has SPF to keep you protected.) Once absorbed, use a coral shade on your eyelids for a light contour. Finish off with cheek and lip tint to achieve a youthful glow.

3. Laura Lehmann

As a television and events host, actress, and beauty queen, Laura knows the cameras aren’t only focused on your face, but on your body, too. Your skin is, after all, your body’s largest organ and it needs love from head to toe. Use a body lotion like Instant’s Miracle Glow Body Cream to help fight against skin aging and discoloration. Not only does it help keep your skin youthful, the non-sticky formula also absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a light, floral scent.

Instant is available in all Watsons stores. Want more tips on how to get that glow? Follow Instant on Facebook and Instagram.

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