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How To Be An ~Ethically~ Responsible Shopper

Think before you add to cart.
June 25, 2021
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ICYDK, your shopping can reveal a lot about yourself—from your basic needs, your personal aesthetic, to your interests! You’re actually making a statement from the things you buy. So, if you want to express yourself in a positive way, you can do so by checking out Unilever’s Positive Beauty campaign. It aims to celebrate beauty inclusivity, equal opportunities, and sustainability through beauty and personal care products that are good for the people and the planet. You’ll definitely feel inspired to create a positive impact through your shopping. Here’s how Positive Beauty can help you become a *more* responsible shopper: 

1. Prioritize hygiene essentials. 

Proper hygiene is sooo important these days because it can help protect you and your loved ones from getting sick. That is why you’ll need to put hygiene essentials at the top of your shopping list. You can also support initiatives like Hygiene 101, an online information campaign made in partnership with Unilever brands Lifebuoy and Closeup as well as the Philippine Public Health Association. Their goal is to promote good hygiene habits like proper handwashing, brushing, and maintaining clean surfaces.  

2. Support small business owners. 

The pandemic has affected a lot of businesses including small-scale entrepreneurs. You can show support for these hardworking business owners and help keep them afloat by adding some of their products to your cart. Another way is by getting select Unilever products on Shopee. Part of the proceeds would go to Mano Amiga PH, a social enterprise that gives equal opportunities to small business owners through funding and training programs. 

If you have a friend who runs her own business, you can encourage her to upskill and thrive by taking free business courses on Cream Silk and’s Conditioned For Greater academy online

3. Help celebrate different types of beauty. 

Quarantine has taught us self-care. Part of this is learning to embrace your beauty and not to rely on societal standards. It’s nice when brands help deliver this message across! Dove has been vocal about beauty inclusivity by representing all kinds of beauty in their ads. Meanwhile, Pond’s is trying to diversify their products to cater to more skin types! You’ll want to shop their products especially when they’re campaigning to make more women feel seen and heard.

To further celebrate beauty in all shades, shapes, and sizes, you can also head on to because it’s a supportive online community that empowers both women and men to challenge beauty stereotypes and be their own kind of beautiful! 

4. Research sustainable practices.

Our shopping habits make an impact on the environment, so let’s make sure it’s for the better. Nature shouldn’t pay the price for our beauty needs. That’s why we need to make a consistent effort in researching and buying products that use renewable and eco-friendly materials. Unilever says yes to sustainability by saying no to bubble wrap and replacing it with sustainable eco-wrap for boxed packages of five items or more, in partnership with Shopee. The company also supports a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics. 

With every shopping decision, you can do your part in showing support for positive beauty as well as creating a beautiful impact on others and the environment.  

To learn more about Positive Beauty efforts, follow Unilever on Facebook.  


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