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10 Of Jaz Reyes' Most ~Creative~ Instagram Photoshoots

Feed inspo!
by Cheska Santiago
January 16, 2021
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When it comes to posting on Instagram, know that you're not limited to just posting pictures of your face, OOTD, or the scenery. You can ~manipulate~ certain elements and objects to make your feed look a lot more interesting! Case in point: Content creator, events host, and radio DJ Jaz Reyes' *unique* IG grid.

Scroll down her profile and you'll note that she has tons of creative photoshoot ideas—from turning household items into faux designer stuff to Photoshopping herself into funny situations! Below, check out how you can recreate the same vibe for your grid:

  1. Eating noodles on the go has never been easier, LOL.

  2. Today on ~*quirky*~ earrings we definitely want in our collection: Ketchup and a single French fry!

  3. A reminder that you are a ~queen~.

  4. Sometimes, the only person who can really help you is yourself, haha!

  5. This *edited* keyboard bidding goodbye to 2020 is one of the most creative year-end posts we've seen so far.

  6. One glass of red wine to-go, please.

  7. Let's all practice self-love this year.

  8. Here's a not-so-subtle way of showing you DGAF.

  9. This modified film camera really showcases Jaz's creativity!

  10. Okay, but how good do these eyeglass chains made from grapes look, though?

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