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4 Makeup Moves That Are Making You Look Pagod

Are you in dire need of a beauty boost?
August 11, 2016
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If you’re getting “Okay ka pa, girl?” comments in the office lately, then you might need to be concerned. Your foolproof makeup look could be making you look unhealthy and exhausted.

Don’t let wrong choices and complicated makeup moves get in the way of looking and feeling extra confident. Here are a few no-nos and the easy steps you can do to refresh your look:

1. You keep getting the wrong foundation.

You’re either clogging up your pores with thick cream formulas that don’t match your skin type, or getting the wrong shade. Either way, it’s making you look pale and sickly, so you better start looking for a new one.

Solution: Simplify your makeup look by choosing the right type and shade of foundation, and sticking to an eye-defining mascara. This will shorten your morning routine and make you look more awake and fresh. 

Try the new Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara. It features the new Revlon Lash Separator Brush with tiered bristles to coat and separate your lashes, giving your eyes the bold, dramatic look it needs. And if you're looking for a foundation with a nice finish and a formula you can easily blend, go for Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup Stick.

2. You have way too much going on in your eye area.

Racoon eyes are proof that you’re better off without eyeliners for your everyday office look. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of eye shadow and mascara to make you look more put together for a client meeting. 

Solution: Nix your usual eyeliner for a smudge-proof volumizing mascara.

Condition and coat your lashes with the new Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara. It comes with a wand that has short and long bristles to eliminate the clumps, which makes it the perfect pairing for your eye shadow trio!

3. Your lip color is dragging you down. 

Your choice of lip color can make or break your beauty look. The wrong shade of red can make a pretty morena look ashy while slapping on too-dark-for-your-own-good lippies can make fair skinned girls look even more paler. 

Solution: Pick the right lippie based on your skin tone and match it with a lengthening mascara to give you a romantic, dramatic look.

Try the new Revlon Super Length Mascara for luscious-looking peepers. It has a tapered brush tip, so you can coat even the smallest of strands! Go for a universally flattering shade like Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Devotion for a sweet beauty look.

4. Your lashes look too heavy.

Trust us on this: People DO notice your clumpy mascara. Piling on the lash products can also make your lids look droopier and messier, so skip the clear and black mascara combo for something lighter.

Solution: Pick a trusty mascara for volume AND length.

Try Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara with high-shine black fiber formula that will make you look like you spent time putting on falsies! It’s everything you need to keep your look polished and fresh, without going overboard on the products.

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