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5 Mascara Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Upgrade your eye makeup with these genius tricks.
October 20, 2017
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If we ever have to cut down our kikay kits, mascara would definitely be one of our non-negotiables. After all, with just a few coats of the ~*perfect*~ mascara, our eyes would look fresher and more awake—and that’s always a good thing, especially when we’re pulling one all-nighter after another. Follow these five mascara tricks to make sure you get gorgeous lashes every time:

1. Get the right type for your lashes.

Aside from checking if the mascara is waterproof—no one wants raccoon eyes!—it’s important to know the type of finish it can give. If you have short lashes, you might want to go for curling and lengthening mascaras. On the other hand, if you have sparse lashes, it’s better to go for a volumizing formula.

2. Curl properly.

A classic curling trick is to heat up the pad of the lash curler before using it. (Make sure it's not too hot!) Another hack is curling your lashes in three sections: inner, middle, and outer. This will make the curl last longer and look more natural. You’ll also want to use a product that’s specially made to hold a curl like the Ever Bilena Volume Curl Mascara, which lengthens and adds volume to your lashes with just a few coats. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about it smudging!

3. Prevent clumps by heating up your mascara.

Nothing’s worse than clumpy mascara. Avoid this dilemma by warming up your mascara beforehand: Just stick it under your bra, between your boobs (we’re not kidding!) before you start your makeup routine. You can also roll the tube in between your hands for a non-NSFW way of heating it. The heat from your body will warm up the product, making for a smoother, clump-free application.

4. Wipe the wand.

Before you apply mascara, make sure to wipe off the excess product from the wand. Doing so will leave just the right amount to coat your lashes with. Tip: You can also use your regular mascara on your kilay if you don’t have any brow mascara on hand! Just wipe the wand clean, leaving just enough product to hold your brow hairs up. 

5. Layer wisely.

Before you apply a second or third coat of mascara, give the previous layer time to set and dry a little. Use a clean spoolie brush to comb through your lashes and get rid of clumps, ensuring the next layer will go on smoothly. And don’t ever re-curl your lashes once you’ve applied mascara—you’ll risk pulling them out! Instead, opt for a mascara that will curl and lift your lashes even without a lash curler, like the Ever Bilena Power Curl Mascara. Its special brush coats every lash and gives it lift and volume without the hassle of using another tool.

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