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5 Makeup Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Day And How To Fix Them

You don't have to hold back with food anymore!
September 27, 2018
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Makeup is fun—the colors, the combinations, the concealers! But it can also be complicated. Anyone who loves cosmetics can attest to the issues that crop up when doing a full face of makeup: from overly thick foundation to migrating mascara, to lipstick that just won’t stay put. Because of these, sometimes, makeup can seem like way more trouble than what it's worth.

But don’t fret if you find yourself constantly dealing with makeup mishaps—they happen to the best of us. The only thing you can do is damage control. Here are quick and easy fixes for some of the most common beauty blunders.

1. Your foundation looks unnatural.

We’ve all been there: You apply foundation under bathroom lighting only to realize later on that it’s not quite blended or looks a lot heavier in natural daylight. The cakey mess makes it seem like you used up an entire bottle of foundation on your face.

The fix: Apply a sheer layer on the center of your face, then work your way outwards. Use a slightly damp makeup sponge to make it easier to even out creases and streaks. After blending, lightly dust on translucent powder to smoothen everything out.

2. You get mascara on your eyelids.

When you apply mascara to your lashes, there's a good chance it’ll also end up on your lids, especially if you swipe too quickly or are working with a new wand.

The fix: Always look down when you're applying mascara to your lashes, holding the wand horizontally as you wiggle the brush from the roots to the tips. If it's too late and you already have those black spots on your lids, dip the edge of a small synthetic concealer brush into concealer and dab it on the marks.

3. You get racoon eyes from smudged eyeliner.

It's lunchtime and you check your reflection in the mirror only to be horrified that you've been walking around with smudged eyeliner. Racoon eyes are not a very flattering look.

The fix: First, stop rubbing or touching your eyes! Second, after putting on eyeliner, apply oil-free concealer directly underneath your lashes, then set the area with translucent powder. The concealer acts as a barrier to prevent your liner from making its merry way down your cheek. Also, look for gel-based eyeliner, which tends to stay in place.

4. Your blush looks like an homage to the '80s.

While blush can instantly brighten up your complexion, one wrong sweep of the brush can just as easily throw you into scary ’80s makeup territory.  

The fix: Tone down a heavy-handed application by blending away excess color with a cotton pad, then patting translucent loose powder onto the offending area with a large fluffy brush. The powder will make your blush look more sheer and soften the color dramatically.

5. Your lipstick pulls a disappearing act.

You love lipstick. You love food. But these two things together? Not exactly a match made in heaven. Constantly reapplying your lippie after every meal or cup of coffee is doable, but you can easily get sick of it.

The fix: Try Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor, a long-wearing, everything-proof lippie that stays on your pout and nowhere else, even if you sip an espresso, bite into a burrito, snack all day, and then drink a cocktail come happy hour. Infused with Revlon ColorStay technology for zero feathering, bleeding, or drying, this dual-ended stick keeps your lips drenched in creamy color for up to 16 hours—not to mention super moisturized, thanks to a “moisture topcoat” enriched with chamomile and soy extract. And with three new shades—Limitless Black Cherry, Boundless Nude, and Neverending Purple—to choose from, you'll be tempted to restock your lipstick collection.

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