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4 Common Kilay Problems Pinays Have And How To Fix Them

Kilay is everything after all!
August 18, 2016
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Every kilay-obsessed girl knows that the brows is one of the easiest parts of the face to screw up with makeup. But with the proper tools and direction, you can totally get A+ arches. Here, four of the most common brow problems we face and how to fix them:

1) The ~*barely there*~

Whether it was from over-plucking or genetics, having thin, sparse brows is annoying AF. Getting ready is such a struggle, because you have to carefully fill in your arches to frame your face. Ugh. 

2) The overdone  

You use eight products on your face: four for your brows and four for the rest of your face. Makeup bag? More like kilay bag.

3) Buhaghag brows

A.k.a. the sabog brows. Remember, there’s a fine line between having chic busy brows and plain unruly arches. 

4) #BrowGameTooStrong

Whoever told you that using a marker on your brows was cute was lying. LYING! 

So how can you exactly deal with these all too real struggles? Get a brow product that is easy to use with a natural finish. Ditch the eyebrow pencils--because they can come off too strong--and go for powder instead. The Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper is perfect for all these kilay struggles because it comes with a soft pencil end so it's super easy to use and a powder end that you can use to fill your arches. It comes in shades of dark, natural, chestnut and blonde and is waterproof and sweatproof so you're sure your kilay won't budge throughout the day.

Even more, this beauty must-have will be available at P100 off from its original SRP of P299 from August 18 to September 30. Check it out here


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