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7 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Eyebrows

How far have you gone to get ~*perfect*~ kilay?
August 17, 2017
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How far have you gone to achieve the ~*perfect*~ kilay? Here, seven things you should avoid if you want to get the arches of your dreams:

1. Over-plucking

If you lived your life in the ’90s and early 2000s with barely any hair on your brows, you’d know how much over-plucking seriously damages your arches. Plucking too much can leave you with bald spots that you’ll have to live with forever. Instead, only pluck the stray hairs on your brow bone and in between your two arches.

2. DIY-ing your brow color

So you colored your own hair with boxed dye, and now you want to match your brows with your hair’s new color. Word of advice: Don’t. Boxed dyes are fine for your mane, but not so much for your brows. The chemicals in the dye are too harsh for the skin on your face, so you risk irritating or even burning the area.

3. Attemping to make them pantay

You’ve probably heard it before, but your brows are sisters and definitely not twins. No two eyebrows were made equal, so don’t bother wasting time trying to make them perfectly even.

4. Forgetting brow gel

Running a brow gel through your kilay after filling them in with a pencil or powder is the easiest way to bulk up your arches. This final step will add dimension to your brows and make them look full and feathery. We’re obsessed with the Cosmo Beauty Awards Winner BYS Brow Tint, because it gives an extra coat of color and makes even our most stubborn brow hairs stay in place all day. Check out this new beauty kit must-have by heading to their Facebook page

5. Trying to match your brows to your hair color

The safest shade to pick for your brow pencil is one that’s one to two shades lighter than your hair color. This will leave you with soft and natural-looking arches. Also, consider the undertone of the brow product you use. If it’s too red, ditch it!

6. Not cleaning your tools

Your tweezers, spoolie, and brow brush need to be cleaned and disinfected. Keep in mind that using dirty tools can lead to various skin issues and even infections. Ew.

7. Applying skincare on your brow area

The excess oils and residue from your skincare can actually affect your brows, because they can clog the hair follicles, stunting the growth of the hairs. This can also lead to pimples and blemishes on your brow area. Don’t neglect your arches when cleansing your face at night, and make sure you avoid your kilay when applying beauty products.

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