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Here's How Using Lip Liner Can Make Your Lipstick Game Strong

Line that pout, girl!
February 22, 2018
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There’s no denying the appeal of a luscious lip—it makes you look put-together regardless of your outfit. But a long-lasting lippie in a flattering shade isn’t the only product that can help you achieve the perfect pout. Incorporating lip liner into your beauty routine can also up your lip game, big time! Here’s how:

You can achieve fuller lips with it.

If you aspire to make your lips look thicker and more defined, skip the lip fillers and use a lip liner. Get natural-looking plump lips by lining just beyond the contours of your lips. But don't stray too far from your lip line—you don't want to look like you had a botched lip job!

It helps make your lipstick application precise.

You wouldn’t want your lipstick to be all over the place, especially if it’s in a glaring color like red or brown, don't you? A lip liner will help guide you in filling your lips in.

It keeps your lipstick in place.

A lip liner with a moisturizing or glossy formula also helps make your lip look last the whole day.

It works with various shades of lipstick.

There's a reason why there are only 10 lip liner shades for all kinds of lipstick shades: They don’t have to match your lipstick color for them to work. Make sure to get a lip liner in a shade that’s as close as possible to your lipstick color, and never darker.

You can even wear it as an ultra-matte lipstick!

Lip liners are versatile because they can double as pigmented, long-lasting, matte lippies. Just line your lips, fill them in, and you’re good to go!

Start with Ever Bilena's Matte Lip Liners. The collection comes in 12 wearable shades that can give you your best lip looks yet, especially when paired with the EB Matte Lipstick. Each liner is a total steal at P125 each!

Ever Bilena's Matte Lip Liners come in Vamp Red, Vivid Violet, Glam Red, Sexy Nude, Vogue Diva, Fierce Red, Pink Flame, Toast of New York, Siennas, Love That Red, and Dusk.

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