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How To Find The Right Statement Lippie For That Moment

This makeup cheat sheet will make sure your pout is always on fleek.
December 08, 2015
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The Scene: A random roadtrip with your girls
The Statement Lip Color: A playful pink

Why It Works: Adventure is always fun, especially when you’re with your besties. The goal is to look polished and effortless in photos, so slick on a bright pink lippie like Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer in HD Pink Ruby or HD Tourmaline to add a healthy pop of color to your face. Trust us—it’s the most flattering hue for IG and Snapchat pics.


The Scene: You’re giving a huge presentation at work
The Statement Lip Color: A bold red

Why It Works: Dying to impress a boss or client? Go with a bold red like Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer in HD Fire Opal to help amp up your confidence and show them you’re a total #GirlBoss. Tip: Precision application is key when it comes to this color, so clean up the edges with a pointy brush that’s dipped in a little concealer.


The Scene: A hot date
The Statement Lip Color: A glossy nude

Why It Works: When you’ve got an exciting night ahead with your man, there’s nothing sexier than pairing a smoky eye with luscious, nude lips. Try Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer in Smoky Topaz or Amber. Not only will it create the perfect makeup balance, but the lustrous lip finish will totally tempt him to lean in for a kiss.


The Scene: A meeting with VIPs
The Statement Lip Color: An eye-catching coral

Why It Works: Up for a job promotion? Or are you meeting his family for the first time? Whenever you need to make a good impression, a peachy-pink coral lippie like Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer in HD Citrine always works best on Pinays. Go for a shade that’s rich in color and high in shine to make a lasting impact.


The Scene: A cool party—and your ex is going to be there
The Statement Color: A rosy, deep mauve

Why It Works: Former flames have a tendency to think that they have you all figured out, so slicking on a new and unpredictable shade like Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer in HD Carnelian will help him see you in a different (and quite possibly, even more alluring) light. It’s a fabulously subtle way to show him what he’s missing and that you’re actually embracing new things without him.


The Scene: A crazy Friday night at the club
The Statement Color: A dark brick or cherry red

Why It Works: The quickest way to change your vibe and get in the mood for the weekend is by using a vampy lip color like Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer in HD Strawberry Topaz that’ll give your look a bolder, edgier spin. Worried that you can’t pull it off? Instead of applying the lipstick using the applicator, use your fingertips to press the color onto your lips to create a softer, just-stained effect.


Want to check out more fun and fearless lippie options? Head to for more makeup inspo!

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