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How To Pull Off Colored Eyeliners

YOU can make it work, promise. Read on.
October 01, 2015
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Follow these tips on how to mix and match your eyeliners, so you can have a pop of color without looking like you just came from a Color Run.

1. Loud And Strong

The thing you have to remember about colored eyeliners is that it is loud and strong on its own, so make sure that it will be balanced when paired with your other eye makeup. Or if you're working with particularly light shades like yellow, make the color pop by lining the inner corner of your eyes first with a black liquid liner.

2. The Power Trio

Turn up the drama, and go for three colors. Do a cat eye with a matte eye pencil just above the lash line, and then accentuate it with another liner that complements the first color, before underlining your lower lash line with another subtle shade. Tip: Try out a combination of purple, aquamarine, and yellow.

3. Go Faux-Smoky

Have you always wanted to do smoky eyes, but cannot achieve it properly for some reason? You’re not alone. Fortunately, colored eyeliners can be a quick and easy solution. Apply it along the lash lines and then smudge it towards your crease, going lighter as you move outwards. Then use a black liquid liner to make your smoky eye look bolder. 

4. Daring Solo

You can use just one shade of colored eyeliner and still make a bold statement. Try a bright blue on the outer corner of your eyes!

5. All Over The Lid

Practicing your downcast gaze for more of those candid Instagram shots? Make a bolder and more dramatic statement by putting eyeliner all over your lids instead of eye shadows. The more colorful your eyes look, the more attention it will invite.

The great thing about colored eyeliners is that you can leave the rest of your face bare, so your peepers will stand out! Try the Revlon PhotoReady Kajal™ Matte Eye Pencil range or the ColorStay™ Eye Liner collection. Choose from shades like PhotoReady Kajal's Matte Marine and Matte Lemon and ColorStay's Amethyst and Topaz—mix and match them or wear them alone for a dramatic look that says you’re fun and fearless!

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