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How To Save Money On Beauty Products

A.k.a. how to not spend your whole sweldo on your kikay kit.
December 22, 2017
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Being a girl who loves makeup is ~*hard*~. As much as we'd love to hoard everything we need to keep our looks on fleek, our paychecks don't always agree with our love and dedication to it.

A little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, however, can help our beauty game stay strong. Watch this:

Need more tips to get your fill of beauty products? Here are five more pointers you can follow.

Wait for sales! 

Subscribe to newsletters of online beauty shops to know when the big sales are dropping. You can also get discount codes when you sign up for them.

Take advantage of free samples.

This applies to both online and physical stores. You can also subscribe to beauty boxes filled with travel-size samples, which you can try for a more affordable price. 

Clean and store your products properly. 

It doesn't matter how great your new set of brushes is if you don't handle it with care. Same goes for your makeup, which can go bad if you don't store it at the right temperature. Store them properly to prolong their shelf life. 

Look for dupes. 

There is nothing wrong with trying dupes—it's still better than going for fake versions of expensive products. Nobody will judge you for wanting to save a couple of bucks on a lipstick that has exactly the same shade as a more expensive brand. 

Get products that can double as skincare. 

Save more bucks by using products that can work as makeup and skincare. We love SkinWhite's Advanced Face Cream Powder and the bright, smooth, and matte finish it provides. Its technology allows it to transform from cream to powder once applied to the skin, giving you that flawless finish.

It also helps brighten the complexion and moisturizes the skin. SkinWhite's Advanced Face Cream Powder comes in a travel-friendly size so you can carry it on your kikay kit for instant retouches! 

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