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5 Korean Makeup Trends You Haven’t Tried Yet

Plus all the essentials you need to cop these looks.
October 21, 2019
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From bright blushes to vibrant gradient lips, you’ve probably tried your hand at popular Korean makeup looks. Every time we see a particular lewk from a K-pop or K-drama star, we just can't help but want it for ourselves! That said, we listed down five other K-beauty trends you may want to consider:

1. Puppy eyes

When it comes to eyeliner looks, the winged tip isn’t the only one worth trying. The "puppy eyes" eyeliner technique shapes and rounds your lids, making your eyes look bigger and more youthful.

To achieve this, draw a thin line from the center of your lids downward, following the natural slope of your eyes. Make sure to use a product with a felt-tip applicator, like the Careline Graph-Ink Liner. Its water-based formula glides on smoothly, and it effortlessly adds contrast and intensity. Finish with the Skinny Mascara, which evenly coats and volumizes the brow hairs.

2. Boy brows

K-pop stars prefer sleek, straight brows, and go for a slightly lighter hue than their natural hair color. This eyebrow style makes you appear extra youthful and sweet, and it frames your face better. 

Look straight in the mirror and locate your eyebrow's highest point. Then, create a straight brow by taking a razor and shaving the top arch. Apply a brow product that shapes, fills in, and tints your brows. Try the Careline Best Brow Liner—it has a creamy formula that lasts round-the-clock. Lastly, apply the Careline Brow Gel Mascara to achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker brows.

3. Fruity lips

Also known as “vitamin C” lips, the shiny, juicy-looking pout has overtaken most matte lip looks. You can go for a bold red, then add a generous layer of lip gloss over it. Try the Careline Stain Gloss; you will love its lightweight, non-sticky formula.

4. Under-eye blush

It’s no secret that Koreans love wearing blush. To kick it up a notch, apply the pigment high up onto your cheekbones, right under your eyes. This technique instantly brightens your complexion. Try the Careline Peach Stick to achieve this look. 

5. Glass skin

This likely isn't the first time you've heard of the glass skin beauty trend, which Koreans made very popular. There are three factors to dewy, glossy skin: meticulous skincare, a flawless base, and a strong highlighter finish.

Swipe highlighter on your cheekbones or use a fine highlighter as setting powder to achieve a gorgeous sheen. Try the Careline Strobe Stick, a creamy highlighter that glides on your skin, or feel free to play with the shadow, blush, and highlighter in the Careline Play To Slay Palette. You can use its highlighter on your brow bone, cheeks, and anywhere that needs more ~*sparkle*~.

Pick up your favorite Careline products at Lazada. For more information and updates, follow Careline on Facebook or Instagram.

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