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How To Do Your Makeup When You Have Bangs, According To Jodi Sta. Maria

Don’t let your bangs hide your bright eyes.
April 15, 2019
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There’s no denying that bangs are worth trying out, especially if you want to look chic without the effort. And while many articles talk about how bangs will change your life for the better and, sometimes, for the worse (read: cutting your own fringe horror stories), one thing you also need to know is that the ‘do will make you consider updating your makeup as well. After all, it’ll be framing your face and adding more shadows to it.

For an idea on how to look brighter and fresher when you finally get full, side-swept, micro, or see-through bangs, check out Jodi Sta. Maria’s go-to makeup below:

Jodi kept her look light and simple to look fresh with her bangs. She used EB Matte Two Way Cake in Fair Oriental on her skin, the EB Pro Brow Duo on her brows, and the EB Matte Lipstick (Bullet) in Love That Red on her lips. For more information on the products, visit Ever Bilena's Facebook page.

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