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The Makeup Look You Need To Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Let your makeup bring out your sun sign.
May 20, 2019
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Match your makeup with your sign's best qualities, and you'll have a look that suits your personality—perfect for a go-to or signature look. To get you started, here are the makeup trends to try, depending on your zodiac:


For the adventurous and passionate ram, try a strong lip and cheek combo. Go for a true red that's as bold as your personality.


You're pretty down to earth, but you still indulge in luxury goods every once in a while. To match your simple and refined taste, try a golden-brown smoky eye with bronzed skin and a neutral lip.


Because of your quick wit, you get bored easily. Despite this, you're still very versatile and enthusiastic. If you like to hop from one look to another, keep it grounded with a good base and sharp contour.


Highly imaginative and emotional, you can draw attention to your lofty side by piling on mascara and giving yourself a come-hither look.


You're energetic and headstrong. You also love attention. Don't shy away from bright, shimmery lids—the look is regal and playful at the same time. Plus, it'll get you tons of compliments.


You're a natural when it comes to makeup, and your practical and feminine self will appreciate a soft look. Apply a matte chocolate brown shadow on your lids and dab pink lip balm at the center of your lips. Keep the rest of your face bare for a fresh look.


You tend to be indecisive; if presented with a blush palette, you wouldn't be able to choose a shade. Why not try all? Dab a large fluffy brush on warm-toned blushes like peach, rose, and terracotta. Lightly apply the custom color for a natural-looking flush.


Show off your edginess with a sharp cat eye. Apply an electric pink shade onto your lids and under your brow bone first, then draw the winged liner.


You love adventure, so you want a low-maintenance look. Play around with nude shades—they're easy to work with and can be easily corrected if you make a mistake.


You're ambitious and practical, but you can veer away from makeup that's a little too safe. Try a monochromatic plum look—it's fun and office-friendly.


You're pretty unpredictable, especially when it comes to your styleyou love being unique. Play around with color: Use purple shadow on your lids and an iridescent pink highlighter on your cheeks. For some, the look might be too much, but for Aquarians like you, the look is just right.


You're imaginative and sensitive, but sometimes you're a bit lazy. No worries, though—you can still do an artistic look without much effort. Take a creamy peach lipstick and use it on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Add some drama to the look with winged eyeliner.

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