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Makeup Looks That Will Help You Achieve The Perfect Smile During Selfies

Plus, a P150 way to make your smile extra sparkly.
December 18, 2018
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As you plan your IG-worthy looks for the new year, make sure your smile is equally photo-ready. After all, you'll probably find yourself in a lot of selfies, family pics, and barkada shots. Below, a few makeup looks to try for a brighter smile in your photos:

1. Bronze Glow

If you've read your fair share of fashion and beauty articles, you probably know that pairing a beautiful sun-kissed tan with crisp white clothing can make both elements pop. This idea also works for brightening and enhancing a smile. Take a bronzing powder and softly brush it on the areas the sun naturally hits-your temples, forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin. Keep your eyes subtle with brown eyeshadow and curled lashes. For a neutral pout, wear a pinky-nude MLBB lippie. Be prepared to stun everyone with this understated look.

2. Red Velvet

Nothing says "drama" quite like lips painted an alluring shade of red. If your ulterior motive is to make your teeth look whiter, however, don't just reach for any hue that catches your eye. Instead, go for blue-based reds like true red, plum, or deep raspberry that contrast the yellow in your smile to make your pearly whites look even whiter. To keep the focus on your smile, dial down the rest of your makeup with soft matte foundation and sleek black eyeliner. Needless to say, this look makes for quite the double tap-worthy selfie.

3. Ice Princess

While you're in the Philippines, you can still have some fun with snow. Channel your inner ice princess via silver, blue, or violet eyeshadow. Cool-toned colors won't just draw the attention to your peepers, they'll also counter any yellow in your teeth, so eyeshadow colors like blue, silver, and purple will make them look whiter. Start with BB cream to even out your complexion and create a healthy glow. Then, for the star of the show, your shimmering eyes. Matte blue or purple shadow can be tough to pull off, so opt instead for metallics that create a wash of color you can easily build up. Cap off the look with a blue-toned berry tint on your lips for a pretty, just-bitten effect and to add an extra brightness factor to your smile.

As an added bonus, complement your smile-brightening look with the LISTERINE® Healthy White mouthwash. It's formulated with lemon and salt to help reduce plaque, lift stains, and make your teeth appear whiter. Plus, it's only P150, so you can keep your smile bright throughout the year.

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