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These Makeup Looks Will Make You Want to Try Andrea Brillantes' New Collection

Blythe is here, and here's what you can expect.
August 16, 2019
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It's always fun to play with makeup, but oftentimes, we worry it's going to cost us a fortune. The key to having the freedom to experiment with looks without going broke? Inexpensive yet good-quality makeup brands such as Careline, which has recently collaborated with actress Andrea Brillantes to create Blythe by Careline. The collection features affordable yet ~*extra*~ goodies such as shimmery palettes, multipurpose tints and statement lippies. You can do as many makeup experiments as you please even when you're on a budget.

Watch this clip and check out the playful looks you can wear using Blythe must-haves.

Learn more about Blythe on Facebook and Instagram.

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