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We Gave This Pinay The Most Extra 'Living Coral' Makeover Of Her Life

This lucky CG may love makeup more than we do!
December 21, 2018
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We all love makeup, and to share our love for it, we've partnered with Revlon to give a lucky CG a special makeover. One month ago, we took to social media to find her by asking "What does makeup mean to you?" We were overwhelmed with answers, and the one that really stood out to us was from Coco Nolasco, 23, who shared that makeup has helped her achieve her dream of becoming a flight attendant. We invited her to our studio to share her story while she gets a makeover she'll never forget. Check it out:

While you don't need makeup to reach for your dreams, you can give yourself a boost of confidence by living boldly and enhancing your beauty with products from Revlon.

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