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The Celebrity Makeup Secret You Can Do Yourself

Bring out the cheekbones you never you knew you had!
August 01, 2016
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Want killer cheekbones like Georgina Wilson or a perfectly defined jawline like Gigi Hadid? It’s totally possible! All you need to is the ~*magical*~ makeup technique that is contouring.

But before you try your hand at this celebrity makeup secret, know that it’s actually very easy to mess up. Here, three of the most common contouring mistakes women make:

1. Using bronzer. Let’s get this straight: bronzer is meant to add warmth to your skin tone, and not be used for contouring. This is why most bronzers are orange and have shimmer.

2. Applying contour on the wrong parts of the face. Aaaaaaand you end up with one cheekbone higher than the other. Yikes.

3. Using cheap and bad quality contouring products. If a product is poorly-made, it will show!   

So what’s the secret to nailing this celebrity makeup trick? Use the right products! We’re obsessed with the new Maybelline V-Face Contour by Face Studio.

Maybelline’s FIRST EVER Contouring + Strobing line—featuring the V-Face Duo StickV-Face Blush Contour, and V-Face Duo Powder—has finally arrived!

Aside from being affordable, the entire line is super easy to use, too! Just follow these rules to live by:

Use the dark end of the stick to create shadows on your face, receding the areas you want to appear slimmer. Then, use the lighter side to bring out your best features. 


Want to carve your jawline or make your nose look more matangos? The V-Face Duo Stick and V-Face Duo Powder should do the trick! Just follow these steps:


Apply the dark shade along your hairline, the hollows of your cheeks, your jawline, and the sides of your nosebridge.


Apply the lighter shade along the high points of your face, and blend everything with a brush or your fingertips.

For better results: Use V-Face Powder to set your makeup.


If you want a more romantic look, use the V-Face Blush Contour. Follow this guide:


Blend the dark shade along your hairline, the hollows of your cheeks, your jawline, and the sides of your nosebridge.

Step 2: BLUSH           

Add some blush on the apples of your cheeks for a pretty flush.


Fake a glow by dusting on the lightest shade of the V-Face Blush contour on the high points of your cheeks.


Oh another tip: make sure you contour and highlight according to your face shape, and you'll be okay!

Now, who says only celebs can pull off this easy makeup technique? Learn and master contouring by visiting now!

Get the V-Face Duo Stick and V-Face Duo Powder for only P499 each and the V-Face Blush Contour for just P399. Products are available in Maybelline counters nationwide and online through Lazada, Zalora, Calyxta, and BeautyMNL.

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