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The Matte Foundation You’ll Be Wearing All Summer Long

For that must-have lightweight and hydrating feeling!
April 01, 2017
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Summer may be our favorite season, but it can get a bit challenging when it comes to the makeup department. In our country where it's hot and humid all the time, this usually means dealing with extra oil and shine while struggling to keep our makeup in place.

Of course, the hotter months usually call for a change in beauty routine and products. When it comes to your makeup base, it can get challenging to look for something that is lightweight enough—is there anything more stifling than sweating under a thick base?—but still has staying power to last the weather. More importantly, your base has to give you that matte finish, so you look fresh despite how busy the upcoming exciting summer events are, such as...

Music Festivals

It's all fun and games until you feel your makeup slipping thanks to sweat and humidity. Honestly, who has the time to retouch while dancing along to your fave EDM tracks—and worry about your makeup turning blotchy and greasy?

That's why you need a base that offers high coverage and a matte finish that doesn't budge even during hot and humid weather, such as Maybelline's newest Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion which does a pretty good job in covering like a foundation does. It's perfect for all those summer concerts you booked this summer, where you couldn't be always bothered to retouch. It's especially made for girls who want to stay fresh-faced and shine-free all day—even until the encore is over.

Pub Crawls

Pub crawls—which are like mini school trips except with bars and pubs, ICYDK—are always fun especially during the summer. Since you jump from one bar to another, however, your skin gets exposed to varying changes in temperature when you alternate going in and out of air-conditioned spaces. This can cause the skin to dry and produce more oil. 


So what's a girl to do? Pat on the right makeup base before the whole wild night starts! Formulated with 60 percent moisturizing essence, the Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion gives your face a healthy and hydrated glow on top of keeping the skin shine-free. It works just as well as any liquid foundation, but has a lighter feel on the skin. No need to worry about retouching and looking wasted with the right BB cushion. 

Pool Parties

Thinking of throwing a pool party for your girls? Or maybe you got invited to one with your barkada? Make sure your base comes with SPF 25 to protect you from the sun—minus the worry of your makeup melting. 

Pack the Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion as your pool party essential! Aside from the sun protection it offers and its budge-proof quality, you can even expect to look good in your selfies since it offers a fresh, flawless finish up close. 

Road Trips

Summer wouldn't be complete without that impromptu road trip with your barkada. The heat can be a little too much to handle, though, especially for your makeup! Summer or not, the Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion is a steal for those who are always on-the-go.


You don't need to worry about dealing with separate sponges and bottles with its handy packaging. With its cushion design, you just need to tap your way to flawless, healthy-looking skin!

Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion retails for 749php. Another steal? The Maybelline BB Fresh Matte Cream with high-hydration gel, mattifying minerals, and 80% water essence. Now whoever said you can't have a lightweight foundation that can stay all summer long?

For more information about Maybelline's products. Head to their Facebook page here. You can also buy them online here.

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