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The Scientific Reason Why Red Lipstick Makes You Feel Sexy

And why it gives you that confidence boost.
January 12, 2018
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Ever wonder why you just can’t stop hoarding red lipsticks? Scientists and psychologists say that it's because they can boost your morale and make you more confident. If you ever feel guilty again about wanting to buy another tube of this sexy shade, use the following as your excuse to head to the cash register. 

Red is perceived as a sexy color.

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Manchester found that women sporting red lips got more attention from the opposite sex. The study revealed that men spent 7.3 seconds staring at women with rouge puckers, 6.6 seconds staring at those with pink lips, and 2.2 seconds at women with bare lips.

Of course, this shouldn’t be your main motive for wearing a lippie. It should still boil down to how it makes you feel about yourself. And guess what? A study conducted by the British Heart Foundation found out that 26 percent of women felt more confident while wearing this fiery shade.

Feeling jittery?

The color red is associated with power, passion, and strength. If you’re unsure whether you could pull off a huge presentation at work, swipe a classic red like Ever Bilena’s Vamp Red, a beautiful deep shade with blue undertones that goes on easily but doesn’t dry your lips.

This lipstick is long-wearing and won’t stain your coffee cup—or your boyfriend's cheek! Entrepreneur and It Girl Martine Cajucom is a huge fan of this shade. 

Psychologists say confidence can be found in, well, cosmetics.

The "lipstick effect" was a term coined between the 1920s and 1930s during the Great Depression. According to psychologists, people purchase little luxuries—like makeup, and lipstick—when going through financial difficulties, because these make them feel good about themselves. Conclusion? It doesn’t matter what shade you wear, as long as you #WorkIt.

For days when you prefer a more natural look, you can switch up your lip color with a nude shade instead. We like Ever Bilena’s Sexy Nude, which goes on matte and lends your puckers a nice and neutral pinkish shade. Best of all, it’s so affordable at P165 a tube.

For more information about Ever Bilena, follow their Facebook page.

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