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Pretty Bridal Manicures Other Than The French Tip

Don't forget to take a closeup photo while holding your bouquet!
by Ira Nopuente
June 12, 2017
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Your wedding day nails need not be limited to nude shades or the French tip. Below, we curated the most beautiful manicures that will make close-up shots of you wearing the ring much, much better!

  1. Wear nails that mimic the color of the stone associated with love, rose quartz.

  2. Say it with flowers.

  3. If you really love French Tip manis, go for this scalloped version to shake things up.

  4. This mani features real dried flowers, aka it's perfect for garden weddings.

  5. When "bridal beauty rules" don't matter to you, you can pull off this dark mani with metallic accents.

  6. Sparkling accent nails will liven up a plain, nude mani.

  7. This ombre manicure is everything.

  8. Maybe this can be your "something blue."

  9. Aren't glitter tips magical?

  10. Try a minimalist mani with gold accents.

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