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These Pinays Reveal Self-Care Hacks That Let Them *Win* In Life

“It's when we take these breaks that we come back into the race stronger.”
May 24, 2021
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TBH, quarantine has given us more alone time and it taught us how important self-care is during uncertainties. Whether it’s taking a break, doing skincare, or pursuing a new hobby, we all have our own ways to treat ourselves. Below, Pinays share simple yet satisfying self-care hacks that ~changed~ their lives:   

“It's when we take these breaks that we come back into the race stronger, happier, and more dedicated towards reaching our goals.” 

Julia Sucgang likes to unwind by taking a warm bath, listening to relaxing music, and writing down in her journal to sort out her thoughts. On why she commits to these self-care habits, Julia says, “I liken self-care practices [as] pit stops at a race. Sometimes, we tend to think that not taking breaks [and not taking the] time to rest and recover will allow us to get ahead. However, it's when we take these breaks that we come back into the race stronger, happier, and more dedicated towards reaching our goals.”

Julia also spends her break time working out. So, if you’re like her, don’t forget to stay hydrated and moisturized! Consider applying Mentholatum Therapy Lip Gel. It helps prevent dry, chapped lips during your sweat sesh. This way, you can focus on your exercise and feel good throughout your routine.

“I think it’s important that we all find the time for ourselves, build good habits, and do things that bring us joy.”

Staying at home shouldn’t stop you from dolling up and serving ~lewks~! For Poleane Carmen, playing with makeup has become her favorite pick-me-up. “With the situation that we’re all [in] now, it’s so easy to fall into a rut and neglect oneself,” she says. “[So I think it’s important that] we all find the time for ourselves, [build] good habits, or do things that bring [us] joy.” Poleane also finds satisfaction in reviewing makeup products, attending online workout sesh, and doing her skincare religiously. One of her non-negotiables: lip balms! 

Take cues from Poleane and make an effort to treat yourself with some beauty essentials! For example, you can do a simple trick such as putting on a tinted lip balm like Mentholatum Magic Color. It adds subtle color on your puckers so you can pull off a ~fresh lang~ makeup. This is perfect especially if you’re in a hurry for a video call meeting!

“It is much easier to accomplish what needs to be accomplished when you feel good inside.” 

As a way to de-stress, Leslie Ordinario loves cooking up new recipes and serving delicious dishes to her loved ones! She also spends her me-time working out, cleaning up her work station, and also freshening up with a skincare routine. The latter includes applying a moisturizing lip balm on her puckers. Self-care allows Leslie to become more comfortable with herself which also helps boost her productivity. “It is much easier to accomplish what needs to be accomplished [when] you feel good inside,” she concludes.

Thanks to Leslie, we realized that rest can be productive! It allows you to align with yourself especially when you use the time to pursue your hobbies, organize your space, and pamper yourself with the right essentials. Speaking of pampering, here’s a tip: Before getting your beauty sleep, make it a habit to apply Mentholatum Lip Pure balm. Its honey scent is sooo calming; you’ll definitely get a good night’s sleep. Plus, the lip balm can help keep your lips moisturized so you’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day!

Just like these Pinays, you can also practice self-care through lip care! You can start by including Mentholatum lip balms to your essentials. You can choose from clear lip balms like Mentholatum Therapy Lip Balm or Mentholatum Therapy Lip Gel. Both offer a cooling sensation as well as UV protection thanks to SPF15.

There’s also Mentholatum Lip Pure which uses beeswax and botanical oils to help keep your lips moisturized! 

If you’re looking for some color, try tinted balms like LipIce Magic Color in Mixberry or Strawberry. They also help smoothen and plump your puckers so you can kiss dry, chapped lips goodbye! 

Shop Mentholatum lip balms at select Watsons stores or online via Watsons' online store, Lazada, and Shopee. For more info, follow Mentholatum on Facebook.


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