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Say Tioco And Teena Arches Debunk Skincare Myths And Share Beauty Must-Haves

“I can never go to bed without moisturizing my skin.”
October 31, 2019
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When in doubt, most girls turn to beauty vloggers for quick beauty advice. This is why we asked influencers Say Tioco and Teena Arches to join us for a quick chat on all things beauty—from the best makeup and skincare hacks they know, to the beauty products they can’t live without.

During our talk, the girls highlighted the importance of moisturizing even when you’re stuck indoors or too tired to do your skincare routine. Their go-to product: Myra Vitamin Lotion—it’s packed with vitamins to help rejuvenate their skin after a long day.

Watch this to hear more beauty advice from Say and Teena:

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