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Try This 2-Step Skincare Routine To Help Address Acne

It’s been tried and tested!
September 08, 2021
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Raise your hand if a bad acne breakout has ever shaken your confidence! While some people say that acne is just skin deep, in reality, there are days when it can affect your self-esteem.  

This is exactly what happened to student Cholo Arquiza who shared his story online. Back in Junior High, he used to get compliments for his clear complexion. But at one point, he developed severe acne that took a toll on his confidence.  

“I reached a point where every time in school, I felt like all of the students were looking at my face. The only way I could hide my insecurity was to wear a face mask and remove it at lunchtime.”  

To get rid of acne, Cholo experimented with several products, which ended up aggravating his skin. 

“I asked my friends to recommend effective products for me. Every time they introduced a skincare product, I’d try it immediately. I was desperate to get rid of my acne, so I used them without knowing much about them. That's when my acne-prone skin got worse than you can imagine.”

After a long trial-and-error, Cholo decided to sit down and do his own research on how to fight acne. That’s when he got curious about a two-step skincare routine using Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap and Dr. S. Wong’s Bioderm Ointment.

Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap contains sulfur that helps fight pimple-causing germs, draws out oil, and dries out pimples. Meanwhile, Dr. S. Wong’s Bioderm Ointment contains sulfur, zinc oxide, salicylic acid, and benzoic acid. Zinc oxide has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aids in reducing the size of enlarged pimples. Salicylic acid helps unclog pores. Then, benzoic acid has germicidal properties to also help fight off pimple-causing germs. 

If you want to try this two-step skincare routine, here’s your guide: 

1. Wash your face regularly with Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap. 

This helps remove dirt, excess oil, and sweat on your face. Use the soap twice daily and also after doing a sweaty activity. 

Tip: Use warm water—not hot! This helps open up your pores without irritating it. Massage the foam of the soap in a circular motion. Let it stay for three minutes then rinse and gently pat the skin to dry.

2. Treat acne spots using Dr. S. Wong’s Bioderm Ointment.

This spot treatment helps deal with existing pimples and prevent further breakouts. For proper application, dab the ointment directly on your pimples then leave overnight.

FYI, Cholo has tried and tested this skincare routine. Nowadays, he feels happier with his skin and shared that he is steadily gaining back his confidence.

Cholo’s story taught us that it really takes time and effort to find a skincare routine that’s hiyang for your skin.  If you’re struggling with acne, it’s important to do your research and consult your dermatologist for proper treatment. And, in Cholo’s words: 

“Hang in there a little longer. Things may not work the way you want right away, but remember that you are always worth it regardless of your imperfections.”

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. 



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