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3 Skin Care Tips For Better Skin

The sooner you master these, the better!
September 08, 2015
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Taking care of your skin should always be a top priority. After all, it is our body's largest organ, serving as a protective layer from harmful elements. Also take into consideration the skin on your face and how exposing it to daily commutes, too much makeup, and long days (and longer nights!) can have a harmful effect. And although you might have your own daily regimen for keeping your skin in good condition, here are some basic tips to follow for you to have that healthy outer glow.

Protect yourself from the sun

Extreme exposure to harsh UV rays will not only speed up the aging process, but it will also increase the risk of cancer. If you don't want a lot of wrinkles or sun spots, wear a hat, put on some sunglasses, or bring an umbrella! Just make sure that you aren't too exposed to that big ball of fire in the sky.

Drink A LOT of water

Known fact: your skin is 64% water. If your skin is hydrated, it will look brighter and it won't easily fall prey to wrinkles, dullness, and dryness.

Use the right kind of face cream

Getting that fresh-looking, dewy radiance is as easy as using the perfect face cream. With Skin White Classic Whitening Face Cream, you can get beautiful, fairer skin in just 7 days. This Cosmo Beauty Award Winner for 2015 is a must-have for no-fuss CGs who want smoother, whiter skin. 


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