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4 Major Reasons You Should Try Vitamin-Based Skincare Products

As you adjust to life as we know it now, it's important to help your skin adjust, too.
July 03, 2020
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It’s not just you that needs adjusting to the current situation; your skin does, too. Believe it or not, all those days spent indoors are also exposing your complexion to new risks or threats. 

That said, now is not the time to be lazy with your skincare routine. If anything, you might want to consider switching to vitamin-based skincare products. Here are some of their benefits:

1. They can help fight premature skin aging.

Your skin is exposed to different kinds of light at home—UV rays when you're near a window and blue light from gadgets. Your daily screen time may cause your complexion to form wrinkles or age prematurely.

Since going offline isn’t really an option if you're working from home, help your skin cope by considering products that contain Vitamin E and Vitamin B3. Studies have linked Vitamin E with reduced risks of photoaging, while topical Vitamin B3 is said to help reduce the appearance of spots and wrinkles while also improving skin elasticity. 

Pro tip: You can also try products with astaxanthin, a breakthrough beauty ingredient that helps the skin repair itself and fight the signs of skin aging. 

2. It can help make your skin become smooth and glowing

Love working with the AC on? Remember that the cool, dry air circulating in your room can cause your skin to look dull and dehydrated. 

To keep your skin bright and bouncy, it helps to get a good dose of Vitamin C from the food you eat and the topical products you rely on. Vitamin C is an essential skin nutrient that helps keep your complexion hydrated and radiant. Try it in moisturizer form when you add Myra Smooth Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer to your mix. With regular use, this vitamin-rich product will help you get that dewy sheen.

3. It can help your skin deal with breakouts. 

Face masks and face shields are now absolute necessities when going out. But if you’ve been turning to these protective gear to keep you safe, you might experience more breakouts because of the sweat and dirt that are trapped between the snug mask and your face.

Consider using products loaded with Vitamin B5 to help maintain your clear skin. Vitamin B5 is reported to aid in reducing the appearance of facial acne lesions. See it for yourself when you try Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Wash—this product contains Vitamin B5 and other ingredients that help you fight pesky bumps and get the smooth complexion of your dreams given consistent use.

4. It can help your skin repair itself. 

Your skin is constantly exposed to stressors whether you go outside or stay at home, so it’s important to opt for products with ingredients that help the skin repair itself. This further emphasizes the advantage of adding a Vitamin C-enriched product to your skincare regimen.

Vitamin C has been shown to help increase collagen protein synthesis, thus assisting the skin in repairing itself. You’re likely to notice this effect with consistent use of a body lotion loaded with Vitamin C, like Myra Vitamin Lotion. It comes in four variants: Classic Whitening, Classic Moisturizing, Whitening Plus, and Moisturizing Plus.

Update your routine with vitamin-based products, like Myra skincare essentials. In addition to its moisturizer and facial wash, the brand offers face and body products rich in Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, and B6 to help keep your skin’s glow.

Myra also offers vitamin supplements that you can use to complement proper diet and exercise to aid in boosting your radiance. 

Learn more about it when you check out Myra’s website and Facebook page

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