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4 Scents That Will Keep You Fresh And Sweet At A Summer Wedding

Just what you need when you’re in a gown.
April 30, 2018
CREATED WITH Jo Malone London
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A word of advice, CGs: Whether you're a summer bride or simply a wedding guest, save the heavy and overpowering musky scents for the cooler months. Summer is all about light and fresh scents—think fruity and floral notes! Here are our top recommendations:

Classy Floral

A fragrance with rich notes of rose, orchid, or lavender adds life to a decades-old cathedral and suits an ultra-feminine and classic bride. You can't help feeling like a princess when you pair this scent with a white long-sleeved lace gown.

Floral and Fruity Beauty

Choosing this scent means wearing the best of what nature has to offer. For a garden wedding, wear a strapless flowing gown and spritz on a floral and fruity fragrance to exude a more laid-back vibe.

Berry Modern

Are you an unconventional bride? A berry scent, while sweet, has an irresistible tang that reveals a rebellious streak. It's the clincher to a wedding gown in lilac, saffron, or even red.

Infinite Zest

Stand out with a citrus fragrance at a beach wedding. The warmth complements a sunny day, but instead of being overbearing, it invigorates you. Let that energy out as you party the night away in a boho-inspired gown.

These scents are embodied in Hot Blossoms, Jo Malone London’s limited edition collection of summer fragrances. The Cattleya Flower Body Mist has a fresh burst of orchid that gives off sparkling citric notes, while the Tropical Cherimoya Cologne has delicious notes of apple, vanilla, and caramel.

These fragrances will be exclusively available in all Jo Malone London boutiques starting mid-May. To know more about them, visit

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